Say “Yes” to Yesyes On “A Dal 2018” Final

With Eurovision 2018 being just around the corner, it’s time for Hungary to choose their representative for the grand contest, too.

Year on year, we are eyeing the national selection processes, and we have come to realize how many talented artists there are in each country. No matter what kind of music you like, you always find a song you can start jamming to in the car.

Today, of course, we are introducing you to a band whose music you can definitely identify with, and it’s Yesyes, a downtempo and drum and bass duo, consisting of Ádám Szabó and Tamás Katona. They are two very gifted and versatile young men, who have had a passion for music ever since they were children.

Now they made it to the final of “A Dal” (which is due to be on Saturday), and we’ll prove it why You should keep them in mind!

How they started

Ádám started his career as an accordionist in “Csillag Születik”, and then went on singing in “The X-Faktor”. His name is not unknown to those readers watching “A Dal” every year, namely, he’s already competed in the show three times. He participated for the first time in 2013 with his song “Hadd legyen más”, but, unfortunately, was soon eliminated. The next year he announced he would attempt again to win; in 2015, with “Give Me Your Love”, we could see him flying through to the final with the highest points. However, the audience chose another act to represent Hungary that year.

He didn’t give up even then! He went on participating in the contest in 2017, too. “Together” was a song he co-wrote with Dániel Somogyvári, and brought people the message of how important it is to stand up for themselves and unite with others, because, as they say in the song “Together we are strong”. We absolutely loved that tune because of its meaning and how the singer poured all of his energy into it. Still, it wasn’t the big break-through.

So here we are, it’s now 2018, and Ádám returned to the stage of “A Dal” with new energy and a fantastic companion who is Tamás Katona.

Tamás plays the drums, and before teaming up with the singer, he actually played for Silver Proof in Kézdivásárhely (Romania). Thanks to fate, however, he ended up being the roommate of Szabó at the music school where they both studied. It was a great opportunity to build something, so they first worked together on “Give Me Your Love”, the song Ádám sang in 2015’s “A Dal”. Since it was a huge success, they were properly given the chance to form the band – in 2015, Yesyes was born, and now they are ready to take the world by storm.

Their music

It is something very special what they are bringing to the music industry: their electroacoustic sound is built on the foundation of electronic and acoustic elements. They are mainly influenced by artists such as John Newman, Rudimental and Coldplay.

The very first EP of the boys “Pollyanna” came out in 2016, containing three of their original songs “Fireflies”, “Feel The Light” and “Papers”. The record meant an instant success in Hungary. Encouraged by this, they then released a second EP called “CYCLE” that has five songs. In 2017, they filmed a music video for the first track titled “Let Me Closer”, which got over 51,000 views. That year, they released two more video clips for “Up On The Sky” and for their only one native language song “Te meg én”. Both have now over 16000 views.

But we are here for the most because these two are smashing it this year!


“I Let You Run Away” and “A Dal” 2018

On 6 December 2017, they announced that their song “I Let You Run Away” got into the top 30 out of the 350 songs that were submitted to the organisers of “A Dal”.

They first stepped on stage on 27 January 2018, in the second heat, where they ended third, and got into the semi-finals. There, on 17 February with the total 45 points they got from the votes off the jury and the televoters, they came second and progressed to the Grand Final.

The music video for this tune was released on 14 February, and there’s a remix by Walston that was uploaded to YouTube on 30 January and has now over 2 million views that the guys are delighted to see!


The song itself is actually dynamic and sexy, and while listening, you can feel yourself like flying up with it.

Its lyrics contain a very important message to you. You all have to open your eyes and notice who are those people or what are those things that do not let you be yourselves. You should be open-minded and you should not focus on bad things! See something beautiful, something bright in every single day. Try to find something that motivates you and something that inspires you to just look ahead, because some – things and people – surrounding you can have negative effects on your life. And you have to learn how to let these bad effects go.

As some people say, every end is a new beginning.

So we can state that the songwriters – Yesyes frontman Ádám Szabó and Dániel Somogyvári, successfully put together a magnificent song.

For these things, Yesyes deserves a huge “YES” by CelebMix, and we’re eagerly looking forward to seeing what they do next!

First, we can’t wait to find out how they will perform on the Grand Final, and if you can’t wait to see them on the big Eurovision stage you will have to vote for them on Saturday, 24 February on the Grand Final of “A Dal” at 19:30 GMT!

About Voting

The winner of the competition will be selected over two rounds of voting.

In the first round, the jury will determine the top four acts. These songs will then advance to the second round. However, the voting system is not the same, different from what they used in the previous heats and semi-finals. The jury will give their scores once every single song has been performed, and they will rank their favourite songs. They will give 4, 6, 8 or 10 points – just like in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The entries with the four highest scores will proceed to the second round, where fans will have the chance to vote for their favourites! So this is where Yesyes will need you if they do proceed here. Don’t let fate decide – if you love it what the lads are doing, if you love their song, make sure you cast your votes in order to give them a chance to represent Hungary on the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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