Scotty Huss: 23 Year Old Who Found The Hack to Wealth

Scotty Huss is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in internet-based businesses. Since 2018, he has made millions through crypto, forex, and social media services. Currently, he is focused on building his businesses more but also wants to help men and women around the world to learn how to make money and ultimately gain freedom. 

At age seventeen, Huss had already begun his entrepreneurial journey. Launching his own t-shirt company, he made a grand total of one thousand dollars. Putting that on hold, he tried college for several years. Spending several years in college at Orlando and Miami, he found himself unhappy and unfulfilled. That’s when he connected with his mentor David Imonitie. “He really helped me turn my life around and find purpose.” 

Over the next few years, Huss would develop his skills, connections and mindset as he gained momentum as a leader in business, particularly what he calls “making internet money.” starting in 2017 to now, he has found great success trading in crypto, building a social media brand, and marketing. Now he offers services helping others to do the same thing. “The number one thing I found from the last few years is freedom. My businesses allow me to travel and do what I love. I want to share that with others.” Because he now enjoys a life that he didn’t know existed, he now has an ambitious goal to help one billion people to achieve the same thing. 

The internet offers so many different ways to make money. No matter which way you choose, Scotty Huss and his team can help you accomplish your goals. Based on his own experience making a million dollars per month trading forex, he has developed a course to help you build your own automated crypto account. If you have a business or are an artist, he also has the ability to help you grow your account. Already running over 300 verified accounts on Facebook and publishing articles to several news outlets, he can help you grow your brand through social media as well. With so many services offered, one might ask. “What does Scotty actually do?” His answer was simple. “I want to help others start living their dreams in reality.”

And that’s exactly what he is setting his eyes on for the next year. Scotty Huss currently hosts several seminars teaching others how to live their “dream life,” understand the law of attraction, and how to build a better life. For 2021 and 2022, he is committed to increasing the reach of these seminars. Right now, he hosts these events on yachts and at private locations, but he is looking to grow these events to fill stadiums across the world.

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Written by Kyle Dior

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