Seafret Credited on Olly Murs Single ‘Grow Up’

Seafret are no strangers to making music as they have proven many times with their Facebook LIVE sessions, so when we stumbled across this interesting piece of information we can’t say that we were really surprised. Maybe we can say we were a little bit proud?

During a little bit of aimless curiosity searching through Olly Murs discography (something CelebMix writers like to do in our spare time) we stumbled across a very interesting fact about Olly Murs’ single ‘Grow Up’, which was released in October. Seafret duo Harry Draper and Jack Sedman are credited on the single as performers and musicians. Take a look here.

The Seafret partners are listed individually rather than as their band name, Seafret, which showcases their individual talents on Olly’s fantastic upbeat single. Harry is listed as one of the musicians on the single as a guitarist and Jack is credited as a performer. Not surprised? No, we aren’t either!

It’s great to know that the Seafret boys are being noticed for their musical talent and are able to demonstrate their abilities to other artists and share the enjoyment that music brings – isn’t that every performers dream?

As we sit and silently wish for for an Olly Murs and Seafret duet, you can watch the music video below for ‘Grow Up’ by Olly Murs:

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Written by CelebMix