Seeing The 1975 Live Will Be The Best Night of Your Life

After a lot of hanging around outside Swindon’s Oasis Leisure Centre in more or less dry conditions, the heavens opened and it practically started flooding. One out of two of our umbrellas broke, and we still had an hour till the gates opened at 7pm.
At 6:30pm   security guards felt sorry for us poor souls and kindly let us in. I couldn’t feel my feet and my fingers were still stuck in the position of clinging onto the last umbrella for dear life. We got to the gate and quickly got the tickets out of my friend’s bag. We’d finally made it into the building. We ran down the flights of stairs to the actual hall where in a couple of hours the band I’d been waiting to see for two years would be gracing the stage in the least graceful way possible.
8pm- The supporting band who go by the name of ‘Ratboy’ finally came out and everyone went wild, even though more than 75% of us didn’t know who they were. They played a heap of songs which were all brilliant and the girl next to me seemed to know every single lyric. Watch this space, they’re gonna be big.
9pm-The stage suddenly lights up after half an hour of silence, smoke comes out of either side of the stage and I hold my breath waiting to finally see Matty Healy’s abundance of locks in real life. The smoke fills up into the air and the stage is a hazed mess, until we finally see those iconic three LED rectangles at the top of the stage, and they all come running out onto the stage with Matty yelling ‘SWINDON’!! The crowd roars at the sight of them and to kick everything off, Adam and Ross play the yet again iconic strum at the beginning of ‘Love Me’ and the crowd gets even louder. Within a minute, the stage is bright pink and Matty is screaming out ‘don’t you dare take you’re eyes off me’, not that you could anyway.Seeing The 1975 Live Will Be The Best Night of Your Life 6Each and every note of every song is mesmerising. They played their classics, and it’s the little things that stood out the most for me, like the drums that I felt seizing through my body at the beginning of ‘The City’ and how Matty asked us all to put our phones away in ‘Me’ because he wanted to connect with us all. The four new songs they played especially for the UK leg got us all excited for their album which comes out next year: ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’. The ones that want to make you cry out of love for them, and the others that make you want to dance for the rest of the night, they’re all absolutely incredible.
What surprised me was every single song sounded exactly like it did on their record ‘The 1975’, there was never one point where Matty ,George , Ross or Adam  never missed a note,  Every single thing had been thought about, which is the first concert I’ve ever experienced that in. The psychedelic graphics are truly out of the world and literally made the whole show that more jaw dropping. They definitely put on a production that will not be forgotten by me, or anyone else in that hall.
All I can say is, it was well worth waiting for nearly two hours in a storm, losing an umbrella, losing our food and not being able to feel my feet for the duration of the concert.
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You won’t regret it, promise. :)
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Written by Sureya Ali

Hi! I'm a 16 year old boy band enthusiast with a passion for writing, music and fashion :)