Superfruit release music video for “Fantasy” featuring Amber Liu

Did you know that Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying have a YouTube channel? Yes, the duo who are often seen creating musical masterpieces with their acapella group “Pentatonix” have not only got a channel but have also accumulated a whooping 2.4 million subscribers.

Titled Superfruit or SUP3RFRUIT, the channel features vlogs and original tracks by the duo. Till now, Mitch and Scott have collaborated with some popular vloggers including Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings and others.

The release of “Fantasy”

Last week, the duo collaborated with another celebrity singer for their new single. On 10th November, Mitch and Scott collaborated with K-pop star Amber Liu and released the music video for their single “Fantasy”.

Amber Liu is vocalist and a rapper who debuted with the girl group f(x). She has also released some solo tracks that have performed really well.

The entertainer is known for her fluent vocabulary and her witty nature which helps her connect with both the domestic and International audience.

Fantasy is a colorful track with catchy music and addictive dance moves. The song can definitely break the monotony and get one through a bad mood. If you haven’t checked it out, listen to the song below:

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