Teen Wolf: Favourite Family Moments

A lot of relationships are shown in the show Teen Wolf, whether these be the romantic relationship between lovers or the strong bond between friends. However, one type of relationship that is valued highly on the show is the relationship of family. There’s a lot of different families on the show – they may not all be through blood, but regardless, it is family to them.

“Be Your Own Anchor…”

After Scott and Allison break up, Scott loses his anchor as he’s lost Allison. So this means that while arguing with his dad, he loses control and he can’t stop his inner wolf from breaking out. Having to leave the room with his mother, she tells him to find his anchor to which he replies that it was Allison, and that he doesn’t have her anymore. It’s then when she tells Scott something important, she tells him to “Be your own anchor,” and that he can do this. Thanks to Melissa McCall, she helps Scott control his wolf because she helps him become his own anchor.


“Scott, You’re My Brother…”

In Season 3, after the wolves had slowly been in-taking wolves bane all day, they all go a little weird and start hallucinating and end up trying to injure themselves in different ways. Scott ends up covering himself in oil with a flare in his hand. The pack come to his rescue trying to stop him doing anything, but Stiles is the one who really does something. Even though yes, Stiles isn’t family by blood, Stiles is family. Stiles and Scott have been friends for so many years and have gone through so much together. Stiles was there when Scott’s parents broke up, and Scott was there for Stiles when his mother died. They are brothers by choice, not by blood.

Stiles is talking to Scott trying to stop him from dropping the flame when he tells him something incredible.

Scott, just listen to me, okay? You’re not no one. Okay? Scott, you’re my best friend. Okay? And I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. Alright, so… So, if you’re gonna do this, then… I think you’re just gonna have to take me with you, then. Alright?

In this scene, Stiles physically puts his life in danger by stepping into the oil to try and save his brother, because that’s what family does. Family puts itself on the line to save each other.

“You’ve Still Got Me…” Parallels

The parallels for this are between Stiles and his father, and even though one is a flashback and they both feature in the same episode, it’s still equally as emotional.

One of the scenes is set at the funeral of Stiles’ mother, Claudia. This scene is a flashback that Stiles experiences after hitting his head and passing out. In the flashback, Stiles is still young boy and is kneeling by his mother’s casket. He has lost an important part of his life, because he’s lost his mother. However, his father walks up to him, puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him that “You still got me..”. Yes Stiles had just lost his mother, but he still has his father.

The second scene is set in the present time at the hospital. Stiles’ father has had a mystery supernatural infection and it’s killing him, and they weren’t completely sure why. He had then just undergone surgery to have bone removed from his body as that was the thing killing him. However, even with no one completely sure if he was going to make it, he wakes up. Looking down at his son who’s asleep on the bed next to him, he puts his hand on his shoulder (waking him up), and tells him “It’s okay Stiles, you still got me.”

Stiles hadn’t lost his father and his only remaining family. He still had him.


What Derek gives up for Cora

In Season 3, Cora gets extremely ill extremely fast and it seems like she’s going to die. Even after spending time at hospital, her condition just continues to get worse and it’s certain that if no one does anything, she will die. Peter tells Derek about wolf behavior and looking after injured wolves which Derek sees as irrelevant. He wants him to tell him more direct information about how he can save Cora. Peter then goes on to explain that when a werewolf takes away pain, the wounded is drawing on the power that gives werewolves their abilities, and because Derek is an alpha, he has an extra spark that can heal Cora. However, he does also mention that the price is high and in order to heal Cora, he will have to give up being an Alpha. He also mentions that it may not work and there’s a chance that it will actually kill Derek.

Despite all the odds, Derek does it anyway. He claims that he doesn’t care about power even with everything going on at the current time in the season. Derek does it anyway. In a shot, you can see Derek’s Alpha red eyes turn to the Beta blue. He gives up being an Alpha, something that he had to steal from Peter and can’t get back easily, to save Cora. Cora is his family, and family comes before power.

 “I’m Proud Of Us…”

In fear of something happening where she loses her father, Allison wants to tell her dad something important to her. After everything that happened with her mum and not being able to say goodbye, she wants to make sure she says this just in case. Even after Chris insists that he will be around a long time, she says it anyway. She tells him “I love you, I’m proud of you… I’m proud of us.” He responds to her words by kissing her on the head. In the time on the show, the Argent family have gone through some major changes. They went from killing all supernatural creatures, to actually working with them and being friends with them. The Argent family have done so much and they have saved so many people, and Allison was proud of them for it.

“We’re Supposed To Take Care Of Each Other…”

After his father questions him about looking through his stuff, Stiles says that he has to go through his stuff or else how is he supposed to take care of him. His father responds that “I’m the dad, you’re the son…”, he then adds “I take care of you.” After Stiles goes and sits back down, he says that “We’re supposed to take care of each other.”

The Stilinski family is down to two, and realistically, they only have each other, and it’s because of this that they care so much about each other. Stiles wants to take care of his father because he’s already lost his mother, whereas his father wants to take care of him because that’s what dads do. But really, they take care of each other because they’re family and caring is just what family does.

These are just a few of our favourite family moments on Teen Wolf, what are yours? Let us know your favourite family moment by tweeting them to us @CelebMix.


Written by CelebMix