The Tide: A Year In Review

American band, The Tide, burst onto the scene early 2015, and 2016 has been pretty amazing for them! From touring with The Vamps and doing a headline tour to releasing two singles and an EP.

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To start the year with a bang, The Tide released their debut single; “What You Give.” The single was released in Australia, Japan and The Philippians which pleased all of their fans in those places. Although it was only originally released in Australia, Japan, and The Philippians, it didn’t stop other fans listening to it. Many fans from all over the world tuned in to hear it on the radio in Australia. As it was the first time that the fans were hearing an original studio song from The Tide, excitement was sparked all over the fan-base.

As “What You Give” was so well received, the announcement of a new single created a lot of buzz from the fans. “Young Love” was announced to be the next song released and there would be a video to go with it. The single was available as a free download and came out on March 24th, a day before The Tide supported The Vamps on their massive UK headline tour in March and April. It created a whole new hype of the support act as the fans absolutely loved “Young Love.”

March 25th brought the beginning of the Wake Up UK Tour. As usual, the fans were very pleased to see The Tide on stage again. As well as “Young Love” making it’s live debut, the band also played some new songs, which included “Click My Fingers,” “Reason To Stay” and “Last Day Of Summer.” Along with performing new songs, they also played “What You Give” which got the crowd very hyped up. The Tide also did a number of signings with New Hope Club across the tour. This gave fans a chance to meet them which they loved!

During the tour, Austin mentioned that they would be doing free fanfests. Fans were immediately excited by this as they would be playing intimate venues. The fanfest tour then took place in late May and early June including Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and London. They brought label mates, New Hope Club, with them and did a M&G after each show. The fans absolutely loved it as it was their first taste of a The Tide headline show.

At fanfest, Austin again gave mentions of another tour. A full headline tour that would take place in August and September. In late June, the Click My Fingers tour was announced. The tour took place from August 12th until September 10th. It was also announced that they would be taking New Hope Club and new artist, Josh Taylor with them.

With the Click My Fingers tour came something else, “Click My Fingers” single. “Click My Fingers” was released on August 12th at midnight and it went down a storm. As everyone had already had a taste of “Click My Fingers” on tour, they were excited to hear the studio version. Fans all over the world immediately fell in love with it. It was also a very popular choice on tour.

On September 4th, The Tide played Fusion Festival in Liverpool. It was their first time playing the festival and fans turned out in force. What made the whole day better was that The Vamps were playing it too so everybody was reunited. It is safe to say, they definitely gained some new fans!

On October 27th, they announced that they would be playing three headline shows in London. They later said they would be playing them with New Hope Club and new band; Over Atlantic. The band had to cancel one of the shows but that didn’t stop them, the other two shows went down a hit with the fans even though they were sadly one member down.

November 1st brought some very exciting news for the band. They were releasing their own EP. It was called the Click My Fingers EP and as well as including “Click My Fingers,” it also included the acoustic version, “What You Give” and two completely new songs. It was announced that it would be available for pre-order on November 8th and come out a week later on November 15th. The EP was very well received by the fans and it caused a lot of excitement for what the band’s album could include.

The Tide’s next adventure will be back supporting The Vamps in April and May 2017! Let’s see what 2017 brings for them and we wish them well with everything!

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