Tim Da Jeweler Leaving a Trademark of Excellence in the Luxury Jewelry Industry

There is a saying that goes, “every piece of jewelry tells a story, and it has the power to make you feel unique.” As a person who understands that pieces of jewelry are a statement about personal style, custom jewelry designer Tim Long, a.k.a Tim Da Jeweler, is famous for providing his clients with intricate designs of high-quality jewelry sure to turn heads every time it is worn; a personal masterpiece for each client.

As a jeweler, Tim Da Jeweler has designed many earrings and pendants being sold around the world. His impeccable attention to detail, ranging from picking the right size of jewelry, design, and choice of the diamond to obtain the most precise level of shine, earned him the perfect slogan, Shine Time, which genuinely captures his heart brand. 

Tim provides some of the best quality diamonds while working within the client’s budget. His customer service is second to none. He spends lots of time with his customers, getting to know their personalities, listening to their ideas and designs before crafting a piece that truly captures their way of life and personal taste. Even after production, Tim diligently inspects every detail to ensure a top-quality product is delivered to his clients. In his words, he explains, “everyone wants to shine, that’s it. That is my job, and I will make it happen for each client.”

As Tim Da Jeweler aims to become one of the prominent custom luxury jewelers in the industry, he maintains a fondness for innovation. He has also improved his business model to ensure his customers have the best luxury experience. As a believer in personal experiences and face-face encounters, Tim, who started as a virtual jeweler, has recently opened up an appointment-only showroom in Concord, California. Visits to the showroom are by appointment only, which allows for an extraordinary personal experience for every client, and helps Tim focus on each client’s needs and how best to suit his service and delivery to those needs.

Tim Da Jeweler is proving to be a pacesetter. Another unique thing about him is his ability to break all barriers in making the best options available to his clients, whether they design in mind or want one created. He admits that his favorite step is the design process and hopes to showcase more art and detail in future projects. He states, “I want to display my artistic side more as I have a lot of out-of-the-box ideas.”

As a rising star taking over the custom jewelry industry, Tim sets a trend of excellence for others to follow. With customer service and excellence at the heart of his brand, there is no doubt that Tim will add value to the luxury jewel industry as he continues to grow his brand into a global one. His tenacity is a true testament to his commitment to providing his clients an ultimate luxury experience. 

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Written by CelebMix