Today is Stand Up To Bullying Day

Bullying is an issue which many of us face during our lives, whether it’s from school playground bullies to online bullying or even within the workplace. Sadly it’s impossible to avoid. With today being Stand Up To Bullying day, we need to stand up and use our voices against it more so than ever before.

On the first national day of its kind, The Duke of Cambridge Prince William has recorded a message of support for the day. Providing support for those facing it and why we as a nation cannot sit back and let this behaviour go unchanged.

Set up by the Diana Award charity, which was set up in memory of his mother, he has spoken out about the impact bullying can have. 16,000 young people in the UK take prolonged periods of leave from school due to the fear of bullying. In doing this, their wellbeing and educational opportunities are likely to suffer because of it. Workplaces, as mentioned previously, are not safe from bullying either and can henceforth lead to health issues including anxiety and depression in later life. Bullying is not acceptable in any way, shape or form and today we need to remember this more so than ever before.

A multitude of famous faces has been backing the #StandUpToBullying campaign including the likes of Nicola Roberts, George Shelley, and James McVey.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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