Tonight Alive: Limitless Album Review

It is finally here, Tonight Alive’s third album is out today! If you still don’t have it, here’s a little reminder you can get it in a music store, on iTunes or on their official merch site. This album is different, but one of their best in our point of view. Read below our review of Limitless one song at a time, then as a whole.

Tonight Alive: Limitless Album Review 1

1. To Be Free

To Be Free” is the first song on the album, already giving you a little taste of what the whole album is about. This track is about being free at a 100%. The purpose of the lyrics is to tell you that, whatever happens in your life, you can always search for something better to be free. You have the control, go ahead and take it! Find your way, you can learn. “Don’t come looking for me/ I don’t wanna be found/ I just wanna be free/ So don’t come looking for me/ I don’t wanna be found/ I just wanna run away and learn to be free“. You just need the motivation. So give this song a listen, it will inspire you and put you in a joyful mood.

2. Oxygen

Oxygen” makes us feel so great. This one is about going out of your comfort zone. Don’t let your life control you, take the control of it. “I am alive/ I’m larger than life“. Forget about your past, all that counts is the moment right now. Don’t be scared, face your fears and take risks. “Rules were made for us to break/ Chances meant for us to take“, one of the best advice Tonight Alive can give us.

3. Human Interaction

The principal themes of “Human Interaction” go around loneliness, feeling empty and having the need to interact with others to feel emotions. This song talks about the need to feel the emotions, the need to have human interactions, yet it seems difficult. We see it as someone being trapped with social anxiety. Tonight Alive are trying to tell you, through this song, that you can change, you can get better: “But I will be better/ I will be better/ I will, I will“. Basically, don’t let it control you.

4. Drive

Jenna McDougall, lead singer of Tonight Alive, said this song “required the most focus to deliver as a whole band“. We think they did an amazing job. They made this song an inspiring track with positive vibes. “Drive” is about being who you really are and not following the society because that’s what everyone does. “My way or the highway“, this track tells you to be true to yourself, no matter what the world thinks. Do it for you!

5. How Does It Feel?

How Does It Feel?” is more aggressive than the four first songs on this album, with more punk vibes. This song is about being trapped into something, not having the control, yet wanting to have it. It’s about not letting “them” taking the complete control. It’s about breaking free: “You can’t hold me/ Can’t control me/ Now I’m waiting/ Your world is breaking“.

6. Waves

Waves” is a love song, because every album needs a love song. Although this track still follows the rest of the album. “Waves” is about being stuck in a relationship you don’t feel so great about: “Your love comes in waves/ your love comes in waves/ I toss and I turn and I fall and I rise“. “That I just don’t feel free/ Living a life that you cut out for me“, tells you how you’re being controlled, again. Tonight Alive are still telling you the same message: take control of your own life and get out of your “comfort zone”, you will be better. Don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship, do it for you in the end.

7. Everywhere

Everywhere” is about bereavement. This track is about losing someone, yet you still feel them, you still see them and of course, you miss them and wish they were still here: “That I pray to god for you to be here/ I look for a sign, something to remind me you’ll find me/ So when I’m alone I know you’re beside me/ Cuz you’re never really gone/ No, you’re never really gone/ I feel you everywhere“. The lyrics to this song are more sad, but the melody still makes you feel good.

8. Power of One

Power of One” is about confidence. It’s about finding your way into who you really are, respecting yourself and your choices. Yes you’ve made mistakes, but that’s who you are: “I’m the one I was born to be/ I believe in the power of/ I believe in the power of one/ I can be strong and brave/ But I have been lost and afraid“. One important thing to remember from this song: “But if I crash and burn/ The one thing I have learned/ It all made me who I am“, so whatever happens in your life, doesn’t matter if it’s hard or not, it’s making you who you are and you should be proud of it. Thank you Tonight Alive for those inspiring lyrics!

9. I Defy

This song is about taking control of yourself, breaking free. It’s about finding what you really want for yourself. “I Defy” is about waking up and realizing you are the one to define your life and your destiny, no one else: “You think that you own me/ But you’ll never take the best of me/ Cuz I am the only/ One to create my destiny“. You own yourself, you decide what you do. It’s about finding your purpose in life by breaking your boundaries. We really love the punk vibes of this track!

10. We Are

We Are” is about taking control, not waiting for others to do it. It’s about changing the world: “Waiting on a miracle/ Thinking it’ll save us all/ Hoping if we turn our backs/ Forget the unforgivable/ But they’re not gonna change the world/ We are/ They’re not gonna save the world/ We are“. We have the power to do so much more than we think, that’s what Tonight Alive are trying to tell us in this beautiful song.

11. The Greatest

Last track on the album, but not least, “The Greatest” sums up the most important meaning of this album. It’s about finding your purpose in life. This song is also about being strong: “Cuz here I am fearless/ Here I am weightless / Here I am unbreakable/ Here I am the greatest“. Be confident, you are strong and this is your life.

After reviewing Limitless one song at a time, we realized a few things. First, this is an amazing album. Second, Tonight Alive knows what we need to hear, what the world needs to hear. Third, this album is full of inspiration and positivity. And finally, this album has a meaning as a whole. “Limitless”, what does that mean? It means to have no limits, no end, no boundaries. We think it sums up the meaning of the album as a whole. Jenna also said the meaning of the album as a whole is “finding your purpose in life, redefining boundaries and taking risks”.

We have to say we are proud of Tonight Alive’s work on this album. One of the best. Which song is your favorite? You can listen to Limitless on Spotify! Don’t forget to tweet us @CelebMix, we’d love to hear from you!



Written by CelebMix