Tonight Alive’s new album is out soon!

Signed to Fearless Records, the pop-punk band Tonight Alive is beginning this new year strong, with the Fight For Something tour with Set It Off, The Ready Set and SayWeCanFly, and, probably what we are the most excited for: new music! Indeed, Tonight Alive’s third album Limitless is out this Friday, March 4th. Just a few days to go. We can’t wait to hear the whole album!

Tonight Alive's new album is out soon! 1

We’ve already listened to 4 songs off Limitless, and we can tell this is going to be one of their best album yet! Tonight Alive are getting better and better, and we keep falling in love with them song after song. How did we get to listen to four songs? By pre-ordering their album on iTunes. You can get “To Be Free”, “Human Interaction”, “Drive” and “How Does It Feel?” right when you pre-order it. You can also get the album, including an instant download of the four tracks, in some amazing bundles on their official merch site. Give it a look, we think these are pretty worth buying!

“To Be Free” is the first track on Limitless. We think it’s the perfect pop-punk song for a movie. It’s inspirational and the music puts you in a joyful mood. This song is about being completely free, whatever is going on in your life. When it’s time to be free, it’s time. “Don’t come looking for me/ I don’t wanna be found/ I just wanna be free/ So don’t come looking for me/ I don’t wanna be found/ I just wanna run away and learn to be free”.

“Human Interaction” is the first track we heard off the new album. The principal themes are loneliness, being alone and feeling empty. This song talks about feeling numb, not being able to feel anything. It brings the theme of the emotions through the interactions with others. It’s about the need to feel the emotions, the need to have human interactions, yet it seems to be hard. We see the first theme of this song as social anxiety. Tonight Alive chose a very serious subject, however, they end this song positively, suggesting the possibility of changes to get better: “But I will be better/ I will be better/ I will, I will”.

“Drive” is a song about being who you really are and not following the fictional rules imposed by the society. “My way or the highway”. It’s about being true to yourself, no matter what the world thinks. We LOVE the inspirational and positive vibes of this beautiful pop-punk track. Tonight Alive know what today’s teenagers need.

“How Does It Feel?” has more punk vibes than the three other songs we’ve heard. This track is also a little bit deeper in lyrics. It seems to be about being trapped into something, being controlled by someone or something, yet not letting them taking the complete control. It’s about breaking free. “You can’t hold me/ Can’t control me/ Now I’m waking/ Your world is breaking”.

Tonight Alive's new album is out soon! 1

Based on these four tracks, we think this album is going to be a very interesting one lyrically and of course, as always, a pretty great album musically. We are so excited! Here’s a little reminder that the album is out this Friday, March 4th and you can pre-order it now on iTunes or their official merch site.

Which song(s) are you the most excited about? See the tracks below and tweet us @CelebMix!

  1. To Be Free
  2. Oxygen
  3. Human Interaction
  4. Drive
  5. How Does It Feel?
  6. Waves
  7. Everywhere
  8. Power of One
  9. I Defy
  10. We Are
  11. The Greatest

We will keep you updated on this album when it comes out, so don’t forget to read our album review of Limitless!




Written by CelebMix