Twitter or Facebook - What’s Better To Promote Your Band?

Twitter or Facebook – What’s Better To Promote Your Band?

For many people, Facebook was the account that was created before Twitter. Why? Because Facebook was founded in 2004 while Twitter was founded in 2006. But between the way you can share your persona, gain followers, and express your overall message, Twitter seems like the better way to go when it comes to promoting your band/music.

Just keep note that this is all opinion. Someone may be better at using Facebook for whatever reason it is, such as already having a large following. But for all the newcomers to social media trying to promote themselves or their band, Twitter is truly an amazing and less expensive way to go.

Unlike Facebook, you can gain a larger following faster on Twitter. You can have your family and friends following you first on Facebook, but sometimes that can only take you so far. You want outside followers from all around the world. Not just people who you or your family may know. Twitter makes that possibility easier without having to pay for an ad, because let’s face it, not everyone can pay hundreds of dollars for ads. But if would like to pay for ads, Twitter does have that too.

While using Twitter, it seems more acceptable to post more than two or three times a day when used professionally, which makes it easier to catch someone’s attention and gain the followers you want. It’s also more acceptable to share your thoughts using a popular hashtag or to randomly say how you feel while relating to others feeling the same way at whatever moment of the day that is. Yes of course you can do the same on Facebook, but it isn’t as common on a professional musician’s account.

Twitter is also more known for their trending hashtags over Facebook. If it’s #NationalPizzaDay and you or your band enjoys pizza, you can easily use the hashtag and have other pizza lovers follow you based on that like. Yeah it seems silly, but that’s what’s so great about Twitter. It can be used seriously and more on the fun side.

When you look at a musician’s Facebook account you normally see ads as well as well written posts, whether it be about a music video, movie they are starring in, or a photo session they did. When going on Twitter you see the same type of posts, PLUS the artist complimenting other musicians or engaging with their fans. It depends on the artist of course, but Twitter just has that extra engagement that’s important in the music industry. Twitter also makes things short and sweet. You don’t have to think and plan of a huge post to put like on Facebook, like most professional accounts do.

It’s that realness and relatability that can help you gain a larger following. That’s why many artists/bands also do Twitter Q&A’s where their fans can ask them any question they want, and the artist/band can respond. Unlike Facebook, Twitter also has the ‘follow for follow’ strategy. Unless the person’s profile is locked and needs to be accepted to follow, Twitter allows you to follow people and get a better rate at follow backs. According to, 20% of the people you follow will follow you back, which doesn’t happen on Facebook. To gain more attraction and followers on Facebook, you usually have to pay money, especially if you have little or no following.

Facebook’s platform is the leader in social media advertising because it allows you to target your ads better than any other site, but Twitter just gets that free engagement that many people want.

Websites like helps new artists upload music and promote their band while using Twitter. They are fully integrated with Twitter and probably one of the best platforms for sharing and networking. Using their website, it’s easy to promote your music on Twitter by simply sharing your music link with others.

Once again, this is all personal preference. Someone may just love Facebook more than Twitter for whatever reason it is, or they already have the large following that they want on there. But from experience on creating a professional profile on Facebook and Twitter, Twitter is what won. On Twitter, I was able to talk to some of my favorite artists/bands through a simple tweet. On Twitter, those artists and bands were able to easily share my work with a simple subtweet or retweet to their fan base, making their work and mine exposed to the Twitter world. As of now, I have a much bigger following on Twitter than Facebook, all done without paying a single cent.

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Written by Melanie Gomez

Hi! I'm Mel. I graduated with a BA in print journalism with music management as my minor. I loved music since I was a kid because it was always a way my family and I bonded, as well as a way to express myself on my own time as I got older. I’m not a singer and I don’t play an instrument, so my way of being part of the music industry is by getting to write about the music I love in various reviews and through my concert photography. Another goal? To make people smile.

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