Viola Beach Honoured with Memorial

Four piece indie band Viola Beach are to be honoured with a permanent memorial in their home town of Warrington, as a fitting tribute to such a talented and upcoming band and of course, their manager.

Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin and their manager Craig Tarry tragically died in February whilst in Sweden after their car accidentally plunged over 80ft into a canal. Immediately, the tributes came in through social media, and a national campaign was started to get the boys single ‘Swings and Waterslides’ to number one in the UK Top 40. This was supported by everyone including legends such as Liam Gallagher who gladly got behind the campaign, and it was a huge success.

Now, Warrington Borough Council want to give the Viola Beach boys and their manager a final, and permanent, tribute. The council has  pledged their support for a permanent memorial to be built in the town centre, and have set up an online fundraising page where members of the public can also show their support and donate to the memorial.

If you want to donate to the memorial for Viola Beach and their manager, then click here to be taken to the official page where you can make donations and read messages from the families.

It is always such a shame when talent gets taken away before they are allowed to showcase their potential to the world. However, with the help and support from everyone the legacy of the boys will live on, and people will be able to find some comfort from the memorial.

Written by gabbyfabrizio

20 years of age, always writing, attending gigs, or drinking coffee.