Wayne Rooney Angered His Wife with Sketchy Behavior Again

It is not uncommon for football players to get associated with all sorts of naughty behavior. If there is one player who has probably the richest history of such incidents, it is Wayne Rooney. The English international football superstar has been linked with all sorts of misbehaving in the past, ranging from drinking and gambling to being unfaithful to his wife, the 33-year-old Coleen Rooney.

In the latest incident, Wayne was caught by the paparazzi partying with a group of friends and colleagues from his current club, DC United. The party started with just a few of the guys getting dinner, but progressed into a club visit and a private party at a bartender’s home, according to some reports.

At the club, Rooney was spotted talking and laughing with a good looking brunette, but the encounter seemed innocent enough. This was all until the pair headed back to the hotel where the team was staying at 5:30 am and spent a few hours in a hotel room.

The entire action was watched by some skillful paparazzi that made sure they were not detected. The images quickly spread around social networks. Following the incident, Coleen was furious with her husband, who is set to return to England in October this year.

Does Rooney Need a Babysitter?

This is not the first time that the England striker got into trouble with his lady for getting reckless on drunken nights out. Back in 2017, he was accused of having a fling with Laura Simpson, whose car he was caught driving under the influence. After the incident back then, Coleen was seen in some photos not wearing her wedding ring. Once Wayne moved to the US, she allegedly used her brother, Anthony, as a sort of babysitter who would keep an eye out for his activities.

Now that Wayne has once again been caught in what could be construed as an affair, Coleen is threatening to use her brother as a guardian for her husband one more time. According to some reports, if Wayne does not return to England as soon as possible, Coleen will send her brother to hang out around the star striker and make sure he does not repeat incidents like this.

Rooney has already signed an 18-month contract with Derby County which will see him act as both a player and a coach upon his return to the island. However, he is still under a contractual obligation with his current club, which Coleen is now asking Wayne to buy out of and come back home. How the saga will play out remains to be seen.

Beautiful Women are not Rooney’s Only Weak Point?

Media reports are not always to be trusted, but there is no denying that on top of occasionally spending time with pretty ladies who are not his wife, Wayne Rooney also enjoys spending some time at the gambling tables. Back in 2017, the player was involved in a story which alleged that he lost over £1,000,000 playing table games at a land-based casino.

Most recently, Rooney was offered a sponsorship deal by 32Red, a famous betting company, which would pay him £90,000 per week for promoting their services. While this is certainly a nice extra income, Coleen is concerned that this deal might make her husband go back to his gambling ways.

This happened just weeks ago and Coleen was furious at Wayne over it. As was reported before, Wayne signed a deal with a bookie and Coleen was absolutely disappointed with this decision. Why?

The point is, Rooney is an avid gambler. He is known for blowing £4,000 per minute in British casinos. It may seem impossible, but let us explain why it can happen in the gambling world. Rooney prefers playing table games such as roulette, blackjack, or poker, which usually allow for much higher bets than slot machines.

For instance, in this guide on the mechanics of slot machines, they cite small bets like $1 as examples. Considering the number of pay lines, this sum usually rises to dozens of dollars, but no more. Some people even use 10 cent bets to play on slots.

Table games are different. Here you can bet as much as you want and don’t have predefined sliders and regulators like in slots. So Wayne could just put £4,000 on the table, play one round of roulette, and lose it all. That’s too much for an average person, but Rooney could afford this with his exorbitant salary.

Still, Coleen Rooney doesn’t appreciate his gambling hobby and saw the deal with a bookie as a threat. She didn’t want her husband to come back to his past habits and therefore got mad at him. Along with his wife, Rooney’s decision has been criticized by the Church of England and healthcare professionals.

Rooney on his Way Back to England

Whether he decides to buy out his contract with DC United or not, Rooney is just weeks away from returning to his homeland. The father of four will certainly be under more supervision by his wife there and scandals like the ones from earlier this month are unlikely to repeat soon.

With so much media attention on them, the Rooney couple will likely just want to get back to their normal lives and with some luck, this is exactly what will happen. We wish them the best and hope that Rooney can find a way to live up to his role as a husband and father and let loose his bachelor lifestyle.

Written by Monella