Why celebrities love playing games when they’re on set

It’s easy to assume that your favorite actor or musician lives a glamorous, action-packed life, and whilst they likely have more expensive cars, a nicer house and more money in the bank than the rest of us, they still get bored and lonely.

When they’re on set, filming a movie, show or music video, there’s a lot of downtime involved – they’ve got to wait around for the director to set up the next scene, spending time counting down the hours in the trailer.

And because of that, many like to play games when they’re on set to fill their time and keep them relaxed.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the reasons why celebrities love playing games on set…

They’re competitive by nature

Your fave didn’t become a multi-millionaire Hollywood A-Lister by chance.

They worked their socks off, and their competitive streak shone through.

Whether they’re playing a tough level on candy crush or they’re battling away on casino sites like Fruity King, the truth is that many of the world’s most famous celebrities love to compete – and their ego keeps them engaged.

Think about it – if you’re constantly filled with hot air and told you’re the most amazing person in the world, and can have anything you want at the drop of a hat, having to work to win is a great way of escaping that lifestyle, hence the huge popularity of celeb gamblers and gamers.

They want to fill their time

Whether they’re on the set of Game of Thrones or they’re shooting the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, filming days can be long and boring.

An actor may be required for a few scenes at the start and the end of the day, and if they’re on location, that means endless hours sitting around tapping their feet.

A good old game can keep them busy and help them to pass the time, especially if they’re playing games with their fellow cast members and crew.

Gambling is in their blood

With so much cash to blow, celebrities love to gamble away their dough. For A-Listers, blowing $50,000 in a casino isn’t that big a deal – it’s spare change to them! Being a powerful figure encourages celebrities to take risks and flash their cash – it helps them to show off to women, impress their friends, and (let’s be honest) allows them to treat common folk like dirt…

Gaming is so much fun

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you stack shelves in a supermarket or sell out stadiums night after night – gaming is a great way to escape and have some fun.

Lady Gaga, for example, is always tweeting about her love of the cult hack and slash video game Bayonetta, so much so that you have to question whether she’s been paid by Nintendo. A good gaming session can help you to really kick back and relax, and when you’re on set, that’s important.

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Written by CelebMix