Why Don’t We Celebrate Their Second Anniversary

Why Don’t We is made up of 5 members, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson and Zach Herron.

Today, they celebrate 2 years as a band. The band started in 2016 and so far have had life changing success.

This past year in particular, has shown us their progression in the music industry and as individuals. The release of 3 new singles ‘Trust Fund Baby’, ‘Hooked’ and ‘Talk’ are now added into their growing catalogue of music. Also, alongside the release of these songs, fans were excited and amazed by three music videos which certainly gained a lot of viewings mainly because of the pure dedication of the Why Dont We fans, known as Limelights!

After a long and extremely anticipated wait,  the fans were all blessed to finally receive the debut album ‘8 Letters’. This unlocked yet another music video to enjoy and it coincided with the song ‘8 Letters’. With 8 wonderful tracks of pure emotion, beautifully written heartfelt lyrics and in essence a big thumbs up to love, the theme and creative direction runs throughout the entire album! It’s plain to see and hear that the boys put their whole heart and soul into this unforgettable first album!

Throughout the year the boys has travelled around the world to new places and toured around 3 huge continents for the first time. In the beginning, their first show was played to less than 100 people however, the boys have recently played their last show of the Invitation Tour to a sold out 2000+ venue in Sydney, Australia. The band are returning to Europe for their second tour in October and their third American tour coming up in early 2019.

Not only have the band sold out many venues, played to thousands of people, and headlined at many festivals this year, they also had the privilege of performing on The Today Show which saw  thousands of fans turn up and it was broadcast to the whole of America. Their very latest TV appearance, was on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and they performed their new song ‘8 Letters’

To celebrate their second anniversary, we asked the Limelights to tell us what they love about Why Don’t We. The response was massive and we received many entries but we narrowed it down to 10….

I love Why Don’t We because no matter how negative a situation is they always find the positive in it. They shine a positive light in other people’s lives as well and just spread positivity as a whole. I feel they are so loyal to everyone they meet and they never fail to make others around them smile 

Olivia ( @stealyouastar )

I discovered why don’t we when they started. I knew Jonah before the band. In the first couple of weeks I immediately knew they were gonna be big. They all have so much potential and they are all so talented. Not only that but they genuinely care about their fans. They go out of their way to meet them and make them feel loved. They will always make time to see them. They are all kind hearted and make everyone they are with comfortable. I can’t imagine a life without them anymore. I’m so glad I know them and I am really glad they are the people they are. I love them now and I will love them forever.

Maud ( @lifeofmaud )

I love why don’t we because their music has helped me overcome so much darkness in my life and I’m so grateful! They always manage to put a smile on my face either through interviews or just social media posts , and they never fail to put out absolutely incredible music blessing our ears 24/7.

Jaz ( @4evaboy )

So, where do I begin with these boys?               These 5 boys have changed my life in many ways. They have made me realize that following your dreams is the most important thing. They have shown me that even when it looks like your dreams won’t or can’t come true, if you keep the faith anything is possible. I want to give a big thank you to Daniel, Jack, Jonah, Corbyn and Zach for always being a positive light in so many people’s lives including mine. The past 2 years of being limelight have been the best. I have made so many new friends just from liking these 5 crazy guys. Much Love to the boys and I can’t wait to see what is next.

Sami ( @samiorganek )

Why Don’t We is such an inspiration to so many people. not only are they extremely talented but they truly care about their fans. I love how they have brought together this family. The Limelights are one big family who always support each other. I have found many friends that I am proud to call my best friends thanks to Why Don’t We!

Erin ( @imerinfranke )

I love why don’t we because of how much passion they all put into their careers. They’re always working on putting out new music that us fans will enjoy, meanwhile non-stop touring. There’s never a time where they take breaks for over a week because they strive to keep pushing out new music as often as they can. They seriously show such genuine love for what they do and that’s one reason as to why i love them.

Aislyn ( @aislyn_ )

Why Don’t We.

Daniel, Corbyn, Jack, Jonah, Zach.

These five boys are full of hope, positivity and love. Their mission to bring joy to others in life is incredible. They care. They care about each and every single limelight: their safety, wellbeing and happiness. They radiate this bouncing energy like no others, and they change thousands of lives daily, just by being themselves.

I love Why Don’t We, because they are the people of eternal happiness. 

Becca ( @RebeccaMae_xo )

I love them for their originality and how down to earth they are. They’ve worked so hard to get to the position they’re in now and they treat their fans with so much love and respect,even if they’re having a bad day!!

Jessica ( @multiherron )

The thing that I love most about why don’t we is that they have such beautiful hearts and are all so sweet and loving and actually care so much about their fans. They all love to spend time getting to know their fans and that just makes me so happy. 

Aaliyah Ratzmann ( @RatzmannAaliyah )

When someone asks me what I love about Why Dont We, I dont just have a simple answer. You see Why Dont We isnt just this band that I love because of their looks or because of their music. To me they mean to much more. If you had asked me 2 years ago if I thought this band would mean this much to me I would’ve thought you were crazy but the truth is as cheesy as it sounds this band has changed my life. I love Why Dont We because of the positivity they have brought into my life. Whether that be through the incredible friendships I have made or through them or all the happy memories. When Im at Why Dont We shows thats where I feel most confident. When Im talking to the boys themselves I feel nothing but love and joy. Why Dont We is so much more then just a group of teenagers that can sing. The boys, their team and all their fans have become a family to me and their shows are my home.

Maya Rose ( @bluemymind )

We would just like to congratulate Why Don’t We on their amazing two years so far and look forward to the many more to come.

What have been your favourite memories of the band so far? Tweet us @CelebMix, we’d love to hear from you. 

Written by Sofia Esposito

I'm a fun loving, music and film fanatic. I love makeup and fashion! I enjoy going out to concerts, fanfests, meet ups and I'm never too far from a cool cafe, record shop or library!