Yolo Ru Is Delivering a New Hit “Enemies”

The North Carolina raised rapper, Yolo Ru is making waves and sending messages. His latest track titled “Enemies” is serving all the right hype packed with rap, hip-hop, and gangster energy. The artist also released a matching music video produced by Ru Gang Records (a production company created by the artist himself and brother) and shot by Otto The Director. The track perfectly portrays what it is like to be a rapper and the power that comes along with it.

The visuals have guns flaring, cash flashing, and dimmed lighting, as Yolo Ru spills his lyrics. Jammed with a chilling atmosphere, the lyrics will have you singing along as the tunes will make you hum. His display of power and prowess sent a clear message to his enemies warning them off. The artist behind the track “Got It On Me,” with brother Koon Ru, delivers yet another hit in the industry.

Take a listen to “Enemies” now and make this your song for the summer.

Written by Magdalena

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