Album Review: JoJo’s Mad Love. “Soulfully Fueled & Vocally Brilliant”

Album Review: JoJo's Mad Love "Soulfully Fueled 1
Photo: Brooke Nipar

Rating: A

Soul and R&B singer JoJo releases new album Mad Love. and once again we are able to catch a  glimpse into the world of this talented singer. The record is a wild ride filled with moments of confidence, personal nostalgia, and vibrant beats.

Music. is the album’s main highlight, showering an emotionally embedded note to her late father. The ballad not only showcases the artists undeniable flying vocals, but her poetic lyricism that could drive anyone to the verge of tears. Mad Love. is a banging jazz-stomping soul monster that plunges into a love-filled territory and fairly reminiscent of a mixture two-way between U.K. soul singers Adele and Duffy.

Take note of I Am. another piano ballad with an empowerment twist. The focus once again becomes the singers passionate vocals, repeatedly reminding herself that she is worth of love and that she is indeed beautiful to discover and feel love from whatever source(s) it may come from.

Album Review: JoJo's Mad Love "Soulfully Fueled 2

The latter half of the record dives into an experimental nature and songs like Good Thing. intertwines a house and dance-pop filled influence that’s destined for repetition on dance floors around the world. Euphoric and dazzling.

Alessia Cara (I Can Only.), Wiz Khalifa (F*** Apologies.) and Remy Ma (FAB.) add their own spin onto the overall sound of the album and fit in perfectly with JoJo’s strong and empowering presence on each respective collaboration.

If there’s one thing we can take away from Levesque, is that Mad Love. perfectly symbolizes a journey of a woman whose finally broken free of the past chains that quite seemingly had her tied down to the ground. There is no holding back, there is no weakness – only strength: an aura that stems from every song and brilliantly shines through.

Written by Dannii C.

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