If you love celebrities, then writing about them for a website like CelebMix could be the ideal opportunity for you. Not only will you be able to develop your writing skills on a live website, but you’ll be welcomed as part of the ever-growing, ever-loving CelebMix Team.

Why should I write for CelebMix?

  1. We’re an awesome website, with 100,000s of visitors every month
  2. We have over 300,000 Twitter followers
  3. You can develop your writing skills live on the web
  4. You’ll get expert writing advice from trained journalists and industry experts
  5. You’ll get your own portfolio
  6. You can put CelebMix on your resume
  7. We’ll give you a reference if you’re good
  8. You’ll join a team of passionate, positive and loving creatives in the same boat as you
  9. You get the chance to interview big names in person, over the phone and on Skype
  10. You’ll be joining CelebMix at an exciting time – we’re experiencing tremendous growth

Am I eligible to apply?

  1. You must be passionate about celebrities, music, YouTubers or books
  2. You must have had some experience writing in the past – even if it’s writing essays
  3. You need to be interested in a variety of celebrities and subjects – we need variety!
  4. You must be hard-working and a team player
  5. You must be able to publish a piece to our website every week (negotiable)
  6. You must be prepared for constructive criticism and be ready to grow and develop
  7. You must be able to speak and write in fluent English
  8. You must have  Facebook account (this is where we communicate important things)
  9. You must be fifteen or over (negotiable depending upon experience and passion)

A few more things to bear in mind…

  1. You can write for other websites, but everything you publish to CelebMix must be unique
  2. You are not paid for your contributions, but our perks make up for it
  3. We have a strict three strike system; disobey an admin and you’re out
  4. We have strict rules and terms which you must follow at all times
  5. CelebMix is all about positivity. If you’re here to drag a celebrity or cause drama, stick to Twitter and message boards. No shade, no hate and no BS!

Fancy giving it a go?

If you think you’d be right for CelebMix, we’d love to hear from you. To submit an application, send an email to [email protected] with reasons why you’d be suitable for the position.

Note: due to high numbers of applications, please be patient with us! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.