The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire Review

WARNING: In following with Dan and Phil’s request to not post spoilers for The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, we will only be posting sweeping generalizations (i.e. It was really awesome) and not specific details (i.e. They dressed up in giraffe suits and did the Macarena). You’ve been warned.

If you’re not aware, best friends Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) have been on tour in the United States for the past six weeks in support of their book The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire. We were lucky enough to attend one of their final shows in Costa Mesa, California, and here’s what we thought about it:

Before the show even started, there was an electrifying playlist building up to the snow, including The 1975, Halsey, and fellow YouTuber Troye Sivan. The set itself consisted of a large screen and a couple smaller screens, all displaying the signature cat whisker look that Dan and Phil made their own.

As the show started, everyone was screaming. The excitement at actually seeing people who you’ve been watching for years on a computer was palpable.

Even though Dan and Phil are YouTubers, used to filming videos on the Internet, they still have an incredible stage presence. Dan is reminiscent of Harry Styles, having a knack for skipping around on stage. Phil is like an over eager butterfly in the quirkiest way. Together they make an incredible team.

One may think that a show put on by YouTubers would be boring, with no plot whatsoever. Luckily for us, the show itself is intricate and interesting, leaving the audience guessing until the very end. There were also moments of audience participation, including writing your own 7-Second Challenges and talking about why you were a weird kid.

Overall, the show was fantastic. If you’re a Dan and Phil fan, it’s sure to make you laugh until you cry, and grin like an idiot the entire time.

Dan and Phil also recently announced that they are bringing The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire to Australia in August.

Visit their web to buy tickets.

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Written by CelebMix