Amber Heard Speaks Out About Domestic Violence

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Amber Heard recently recorded a video for GirlGaze, a campaign that puts forth the importance of removing oneself from abusive relationships.


In the video, she discusses the shame that came along with being a victim. She shares that she lived in denial of her abusive partner because she didn’t believe someone she loved would hurt her. Additionally, she shares that she felt that she was too smart and too strong to allow herself to be abused.

She also tells young women what to do if they ever find themselves in her shoes. First, tell someone safe. Put yourself first. Find support in your friends. Realize that you are not alone. Other woman have gone through the same thing and because of that, there will always be someone who understands you.

In addition to getting help for oneself, she says the general public needs to do more for these woman. We need to talk about this issue more openly. There needs to be more access to support and resources for victims. We also need to watch how we discuss domestic violence, because the way we discuss it is going to be what gives woman the confidence to come forward and get help when they’re in need.

“Speak up. Raise your voice. Your voice is the most powerful thing and we, together, as woman, standing shoulder to shoulder, can not and will not any longer accept silence.”

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