Brian Justin Crum Fans Share Why He's Still Their Winner

Brian Justin Crum Fans Share Why He’s Still Their Winner

After Brian Justin Crum delivered his dark and dramatic performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” as his final performance for America’s Got Talent Tuesday night, there was no doubt that he was already a winner in many people’s hearts.

“Tonight was for everybody who has felt like they don’t belong, like they aren’t good enough. I love you so much, and thank you,” said Brian once he finished his song on the AGT stage.

Being the kind heart that he is, he even took to Twitter after the show to say:

When the Huffington Post asked Brian how he decided to share his story on the show about being gay and overweight as a kid, and whether or not he was hesitant about it, he responded with, “Not at all, I feel that people don’t share their personal stories enough!  I want to be positive light and show all kids that no matter how hard it is, life can be amazing if you work hard. You just need to find your passion and throw yourself into it!”

He also told Huffington Post that his advice to people who are being bullied is, “to throw yourself into your passions. Find that deep inner self love and #staystrong. You have to know and believe that people pick on others that they are jealous of or who they think are weaker then them so there is no threat. Be STRONG in yourself. Trust that you have great things in store. You can also log onto the app called MOOVZ and connect with other LGBT people across the world.  Remember you are not alone!”

In that video on Moovz, (which can also be found on YouTube and at the end of this article) Brian is covering Demi Lovato’s song “Skyscraper.” Throughout the video various people are holding up their #staystrong logo in their own creative way to fight against bullying.

Even though Brian got fourth place during tonight’s show, he’s still a winner to his fans. CelebMix took the time to speak to some Brian Justin Crum fans, and this is what they had to say.

Christie Billington | 41 | Lexington, Tennessee – “I think Brian deserves success because he connects with the people. He has suffered, had depression, anxiety, and had been bullied just like I have suffered all my life. I think I can’t continue any longer, I’m such a burden to my family, no one wants or loves me. But for some reason I can listen to Brian sing and I feel okay with myself, like maybe I do matter. I’ve tried to reach out to Brian to let him know to always recognize the lil people because you never know how one simple word could change their life. He has so much going on he don’t recognize lil ole me, but that’s okay. I’m extremely proud of him. I love him to pieces and love how he gives us all hope. PS: this was my first year watching America’s Got Talent and it was absolutely amazing! #TeamBrian”

Jenna | 14 | New York – “Brian Justin Crum has been nothing but amazing. He has showed us what true talent is. He sings his heart out and truly appreciates his fans, (he calls us Crummies). He is nothing but amazing and his voice is very powerful. Whether he wins or loses, he’s our winner.”

Victoria N. | 24 | Las Vegas, Nevada – “Brian Justin Crum is an inspiration; and not just to the entire LGBT community, but for everyone to be true to themselves. He makes you feel when he sings. Such pure talent. The world needs more singers like him.”

Brandon Moore | 29 | Chicago, Illinois – “Even before Brian Justin Crum first appeared on America’s Got Talent, I was a fan of his powerful, chill-inducing voice. But once I learned more about him through the show, I became an even bigger fan. As someone who was bullied throughout my teens, and has dealt with self-esteem issues my whole life because of it, I connected with his story on a deeper level than I have with any other reality-competition contestant (this coming from a guy who has been obsessed with American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance for well over a decade now).

“His story simultaneously broke my heart and gave me hope. Win or lose, Brian is proof that you can come out of a terrible situation stronger than ever before and rise above and still do incredible things, and inspire millions along the way. His stunning voice, mind-blowing artistry, and invigorating renditions of well-known songs just add to how truly awesome he is, and I’m so proud to call myself a fan of his. I know he’s going to continue to uplift and inspire people (myself included) all over the world with his story, talent, and kindness long after America’s Got Talent is over, and I cannot wait to see where he goes from here.”

Kateri | 17 | Pennsylvania – ” I love Brian Justin Crum because he is not afraid. He is not afraid to be himself. He is not afraid to show the world who is he and what he can do, and he is not afraid to speak out. He is unapologetic about who he is as a person and that makes him such a powerful role model for LGBT youth around the globe. He has worked hard, and gone through so much pain to get where he is today and I admire his perseverance so much.”

“He works hard for what he wants, and doesn’t take no for an answer. If this isn’t the definition of success, then I don’t know what is. He helps me to live my truth everyday, and inspires me that it will, indeed, get better, and that people will still love me for who I am and not the person I love. He’s an inspiration and he deserves all the success that this world has to offer. I am glad that he exists, and I firmly believe that this world is a better place with people like him within it.”

Deryk |  27 | Columbus, Ohio – “Brian Justin Crum has such power and emotion in his voice. He has made me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. He truly has taken my love of music to the next level.”

Kristina Minard | 39 | Hamilton, Ontario Canada – “My 13 year old twin sons and I watch the show religiously and we truly can’t get enough of Brian Justin Crum. He reminds us of Adam Lambert on American idol years ago. The talent he has is incredible and undeniably the best in the finale. We wait anxiously for his performances and to hear that amazing voice… emotional, chilling and from the heart.”

“He makes everything his own and is just so emotionally charged you can’t help but get chills when he sings. Seeing how much he has impacted people’s lives all around the world and just how humble he is, is amazing. His mom should be so proud of the man he is and just watching him so full of emotion is wonderful. We are rooting from him from Canada and can’t wait to see what happens tonight. Either way, He is a star.”

Kim | 26 | Iowa – “I love Brian because his story is like my story. I just have never been brave enough to tell mine. I was bullied and struggle with coming out to people that are not close to me. Brian is an inspiration to anyone that has been bullied. I envy him for being able to share his story and help people.”

Brenda Sanchez | 23 | Los Angeles, California – “I love Brian Justin Crum because he’s unique. Someone who people can look up to because he has followed his dreams. He makes me believe that following your dreams, even when people try to put you down, is possible. He should be successful because you can hear the passion in his voice when he sings. His heart shows in each performance that he does. I wish him the best and that many more of his dreams become true.”

ChrisAnn Bradley | 54 | Tampa, Florida – “I love Brian Justin Crum for a few reasons. First, his voice gives me chills when he sings songs such as his rendition of “Creep” on America’s Got Talent and “Rise” on YouTube. His story of being bullied touches something deep inside. I think it resonates with everyone who’s ever felt “less than enough.” He seems to truly have a good heart, and that shows through in all his music. I hope he has continued success and that his music will be able to be heard and purchased. I know listening to it would certainly brighten my day.”

Lana | 41 | New Jersey – “The first time I heard Brian sing was when Adam Lambert tweeted a link of Brian’s audition and congratulated him on his audition. I am a huge Adam Lambert fan and apparently they are friends from a while back. I watched the audition even before it aired on TV and was amazed at how great of a singer Brian is. As I watched Brian on America’s Got Talent I got to know his story and what a great person he is. He even takes time to answer his fans on Twitter and cares what they have to say.

“It’s great that his struggle in life is helping so many people as they watch his journey and his story about how he only let it make him stronger.Every week I look forward to his performance and what he will be singing because it’s always so good and he always does his own versions of songs and has great song choices. He’s also a great performer. I vote for him every time. I am now a fan and look forward to seeing what he will be doing in the future. I’ve also seen all his YouTube videos of cover songs he’s done and they are so good. Brian is so talented and such a nice person and he’s a winner from America’s Got Talent no matter what. He has worked hard to get to this point in his singing career and I know he will have a great career after the show is over weather he wins or not.”

Jeanette | 21 | New York – “Brian is honestly the most beautiful person ever. He deserves this success and everything because I feel like he can change more people’s lives just like he has now from being on America’s Got Talent. He’s such a wonderful talent and that voice of his is just breathtaking. His voice needs to be heard and it’s his time to shine.”

“His story impacted a lot of people and has inspired many to not give up. He gives me hope hope that I can be the person I want to be and find my true passion and not let others come in the way of that. He’s the reason why my heart fills every time I hear him sing. I love him so much because he is himself and he’s the light that people need in their lives. So thank you Brian for being that light for me. I can’t wait to hear more from you. You got this! I’ve been rooting for you since the first time I saw you audition and I will keep rooting for you.”

Maria | 37 | Chicago, Illinois – “Every single finalist on America’s Got Talent is a hero of their own. They are extremely talented and I am cheering for their dreams to become reality one way or another. Brian for me is my personal hero; his story speaks to me and my personal experience. It is undeniable that his voice is a force of its own, the passion and love that comes through every single word is contagious and so inspiring. I appreciate him because he is not ashamed of sharing his story, struggle and what helped him overcome his situation.”

“At his age I did not have the strength he has to transform the pain into happiness and success, I did not have the strength to love me and accept me the way that I am. It is individuals like Brian that help make a difference in people’s life through their talents and by sharing their success. Brian  Justin Crum you are a hero, you are already victorious, and you will continue to rise. I know it in my heart. I believe in you, thank you for sharing your talent and most importantly thank you for being YOU!”

Congratulations on making it this far Brian! And as he said in tonight’s America’s Got Talent finale, “this is just the beginning.”

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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