CelebMix Exclusive: Watch the premiere of Plaid Brixx’s ‘The Greener Side’

Plaid Brixx is an alternative pop band composed of Chris Duggan, Mark LeRose, and Jared Sawaya from Columbus, Ohio. The band is on tour now with We The Kings and they’re making new fans with each show played. On Facebook, they list their interests as ‘Tattoos, eating great pizza, playing instruments simultaneously. Mostly.’ and on top of that, they like having an awesome time no matter what they’re doing.

If you’ve not listened to them before, their songs are best described as a bit dancy, upbeat and positive, and ambient in a way that’s not overpowering. We got to speak to the guys and they said their goal with their songs is simply to make people happy. It’s easy to feel encouraged when you’re listening to their music. It’s also impossible not to dance. We’d have to say, they excel at what they do.

In addition to interviewing Plaid Brixx, we have the pleasure of premiering their new music video for The Greener Side this afternoon. It’s exclusive, it’s incredible, and it’s ready for their fans – both old and new – right now.

After you watch the video, read our chat with the guys to find out more about them, what inspires them in their writing, and what their guilty pleasure songs of the moment are. Hint: they’re probably some of yours, too.

We’re premiering your video for ‘The Greener Side’ which is incredible, by the way. What was your favorite part of seeing this video come to life?

Hi, Chris here. Thanks for the premiere!!! My favorite part about seeing the video come to life is the magical aspect of the world Yoyo The Ricecorpse created! With animation, you aren’t limited to what you can film or add with special effects.

Were you big fans of Yoyo The Ricecorpse beforehand? How did that collab come about?
We happened upon her work while looking for an animator to do the video for ‘Don’t Look Down’. Once we saw her artwork we knew it would be a perfect match for the song and her work on DLD was so amazing that we asked her to do another video with us! We love how she brought the story to life in such a creative way–she is a truly incredible talent and we are so grateful to have been able to work with her!

The song itself is a jam! What was the inspiration behind the tune?
The songs on the Plaid Brixx EP are intended to be upbeat and make people happy or to encourage them to go for it! We want people to dance and have a great time listening to our music and be inspired to make positive choices and accomplish their dreams.

Speaking of inspiration. Where do you find most of yours? Where’s the most random place you’ve ever pulled inspiration from?
I am frequently inspired by the ladies in my life. Relationships and the like, I suppose it’s kind of a Taylor Swift type situation. I also try write music that inspires people…helps them get through their day whether it’s just a happy tune or it’s a song like ‘Renegades’ which is about breaking the mold and going against the grain. Nature also inspires me and I’m a fan of going on long bike rides and hikes and meditating in the woods.

Your tour with We The Kings and Cute Is What We Aim For has just kicked off. Where are you most excited to visit?
There are a couple of iconic venues on the tour. We were really stoked to play at PlayStation Theater in NYC and it was beyond our expectations…so crazy. And we play on March 17th at The Troubadour in LA…the show is already sold out! Personally, more than anything I am super excited to see all of these great cities in America and meet people from all over the country and make new friends and fans!

Between your first project and your latest EP – how do you feel like you grew most with your music?
I try to never stop learning and growing in all aspects of my career! I continuously produce new music and beats and I’m always writing and trying to improve my craft. The band has also been practicing a ton and working on our live show, which has dramatically improved over the years!!

When you’re traveling, what is a must bring item for each of you?
Mark: Slim Jims and Cliff bars
Jared: Sick shades
Chris: Gaming laptop

Tell us about the first time you heard yourselves on the radio, what was that like?
So dope…you’re listening to the radio and then your song comes on and you are jumping up and down and screaming…”that’s our song!”

What’s your guilty pleasure song right now?
Jared: Confident by Demi Lovato
Mark: Let Me Love You by Justin Bieber
Chris: I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

For those of us who will miss you on this tour, where can we go to keep up with what you’ve got in store next?
We hope to release a new song and a tour video right at the end of our tour, so stay tuned for that! Plaidbrixx.com is our website and we can be found at all the usual social places… Instagram is our favorite but we also tweet all the time and use Facebook and Snapchat.

Once you follow the guys on social media, go to our Twitter account and retweet their music video, then tell us all what you think.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.