Charlie Puth Customize Shirts in Support for Bullying Prevention

Actions do speak louder than words. Find out how you can support the campaign too!

Charlie Puth is starting this fall season on the right path! In collaboration with CustomInk, he finally reveals his special customized shirt to support the #BeGoodToEachOther Campaign!

Being bullied in high school, Charlie is now taking stand and supporting the campaign against this society problem. He revelead in an interview with Teen Vogue that he experienced severe bullying back in the days. Charlie stated that he was bullied because he was unique and he would hear music in his head but everyone reacted to that strangely.

Despite the negativity that surrounded his young self, he didn’t change who he was just to “fit in”. Now, he’s creates a special empowerment for people who believes that everyone is unique in their own way.

Charlie’s customized shirt design has the slogan “Be Unique” as seen below. He revealed the design through his Facebook page earlier today.

PHOTO via CustomInk
PHOTO via CustomInk
PHOTO via CustomInk
PHOTO via CustomInk

You can now support Charlie Puth’s contribution in the Bullying Prevention campaign by purchasing his customized shirt here and make sure to include #BeGoodToEachOther in your posts!

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