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DISCOVER: Indie pop/electro duo Cosmos & Creature

If you’re a fan of indie pop/electro then you need to get adding Cosmos & Creature to your playlists.

The Los Angeles based duo, made up of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, has already garnered support from numerous outlets, with Billboard recently naming them as an emerging artist.

Prior to Cosmos & Creature, Burnette and Moore were busy carving out solo careers. Burnette had just come off a four-year stint signed to Warner Bros. Records, whilst Moore was transitioning from songwriter to artist. In their own right, Burnette and Moore are highly acclaimed songwriters and sought after artists. Burnette’s many accomplishments include writing a number one hit for Hedley, which won Single of the Year at the Juno Awards as well as charting in the US Top 40 for a single he wrote for Jake Miller. As a solo artist he also garnered over three million streams on both Spotify and YouTube. Moore is a also an accomplished solo artist, as well as a successful songwriter having recently landed a co-write with Lea Michele.

In 2014, the pair joined forces to collaborate under the name Cosmos & Creature. “We met at LA’s Hotel Cafe on a Monday night Soul Sessions,” explains Burnette. “It’s the same place we opened for John Mayer & James Bay shortly after we formed Cosmos & Creature.”

Since then, they have continued to grow from strength to strength together, with Idolator’s Mike Wass stating that 2016 is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for the duo. Cosmos & Creature have just released their infectious new single ‘Young’, which captures the youthful exuberance of the duo’s journey toward success.

‘Young’, which acts as the duo’s first official single, is the perfect fusion of progressive pop, with its contagious melodies and driving EDM beat. Described as a ‘nostalgic tribute to the past’, there is no doubt that we can all relate to this song.

Of the single, Burnette said: “‘Young’ was created out of a period of wonder & excitement in NYC. It’s the first song we officially wrote for the project. Influenced by an era of anthemic ’90s pop, we blend electronic, soul & alternative elements to create the soundscape for our stories. Cosmos & Creature is inspired by our contemplation of self & our place in the universe.”

“Our writing process is very cosmic and natural,” Burnette continued. “Sometimes we’ll have ideas written down or voice notes of melodies saved on our phones & save them for the right moment or the right setting. That’s how ‘Young’ happened actually. We had written this hook together and saved it on a voice note. Soon as we got to upstate NY to work with our producers, we sang them the hook. I pulled out a note that had some scribbled down thoughts. Next thing you know the song was in full swing.”

“We wrote Young as a nostalgic tribute to the past that also embraces now,” added Moore. “It’s easy to live in a memory, but ultimately to evolve in life is to learn from what you’ve been through & forge forward.”

‘Young’ is an easy listen, which will make you want to lose yourself in memories of the past. We guarantee that Cosmos & Creature’s catchy offering will stick in your head after the first listen.

Cosmos & Creature are fast becoming one of the hottest pop/electronic acts of the year, with a rapidly growing fanbase and industry support. We’re excited for their journey and to see what they’ll deliver next!

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