DISCOVER: Bronnie – The Singer/Songwriter Who Is Bringing Back Pop/Rock

Take a step back 10 years, where you’re listening to Avril Lavigne, Paramore and Hey Monday. Where we all were singing “Stacy’s Mom” and “Teenage Dirtbag” by Fountains of Wayne and Wheatus respectively. Back then Blink-182, Sum 41 and Bowling for Soup were all over the music channels, as well as the charts. Where have those days gone? Fear not, singer/songwriter Bronnie is bringing pop/rock back.

At just 18, and unsigned, she’s got a formidable fan base on Twitter and Facebook. She has uploaded various covers on her YouTube Channel and has over 300,000 plays. She has released a debut single titled “High School Sucks”, which was recorded at Edge Recording Studio. Follow-up single “Imaginary Friend” is expected to be released next.

Her first release was an original Christmas song titled “Modern Day Christmas”; but it wasn’t until “High School Sucks” was released that she really came into her own.

Watch Bronnie’s “High School Sucks” music video here:

Referencing bands, we all know and loved, this original song is something that we’ve been missing in our lives; we’re so glad Bronnie is here to bring back that genre of music.

The song also includes other well-known names, such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as films like American Pie, segments of which appear in the music video. This is not just your general average rock song; it’s a song that reminisces over the stuff we miss from years ago. It’s a song that takes inspiration from the popular songs around back then all wrapped up in a modern twist and Bronnie’s awesome vocals.

She performed live on 5 September at Manchester’s Rebellion, supporting Such Strange Arts. Her gig was filmed live on Periscope for her fans to see. Not afraid, whatsoever, Bronnie’s confidence and easy-go attitude makes Bronnie a star. She has so much energy on stage, it’s obvious that the audience were having a great time. Vocals on point, with her backing band supporting her throughout, it’s a live performance you have to watch.

At the gig she sung many songs, our favourites were “Social Rejects”, “Idiot”, “Stacy’s Mom/Teenage Dirtbag Mashup” and of course “High School Sucks”. Her follow-up single “Imaginary Friend” slowed the whole gig down in the middle of the set and was definitely flooded with emotion.

Watch the gig here:

Her larger than life attitude can be seen throughout her videos on YouTube because she doesn’t just post songs and cover videos; hell no, she talks to her fan base, to her subscribers and to the random people who stumble across her videos. This makes her YouTube Channel slightly vlog-like as well as making it much more personal to the watchers and the subscribers.

So what’s next for Bronnie? Well, she’s got a lyric video for “High School Sucks” on the way, which you could even be a part of. Just watch the video below, to find out more.

Not only that, she has a couple more singles ready to be released soon, which I’m sure she’ll reveal more about in the coming weeks.

If you feel you’re missing the pop/rock from your younger years, fear not, Bronnie is here to bring back what we all used to love. Making it current and making it new, Bronnie is the one to watch.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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