DISCOVER: EDM-Rock Band, Toggo Ultrarock

DISCOVER: EDM-Rock Band, Toggo Ultrarock

Toggo Ultrarock is an EDM rock group consisting of Toggo Ultrarock (vocals,guitars), Johnny Santoro (guitars), Tony Erickson (drums), and Jay Stevenson (bass).

Born and raised in Norway, Toggo paid his musical dues in Los Angeles in a variety of rock bands. Although this much is true, there was a point where he disappeared from the music scene and spent 8 years raising his son. Due to that, Toggo had to start from scratch to get back into the music industry.

Now back in rockstar mode, Toggo is back at it again with his first single (“Cannonball”) off of the band’s upcoming 5-song EP Ultrarock, due this Summer. His goal is, “to leave the world irrecoverably inspired by his music and persona.”

Listening to “Cannonball” you can hear Toggo’s revamped sound as he rocks out on stage throughout the video. From the catchy chorus to Toggo’s colorful style, you can’t help but cheer Toggo on as he gets the girl at the end of the video. And how? Just by being himself.

Check out “Cannonball” below:

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