DISCOVER: "Godspeed and Guns" by Folk-Punk Artist, Christina Rubino

DISCOVER: “Godspeed and Guns” by Folk-Punk Artist, Christina Rubino

Brooklyn singer/songwriter, Christina Rubino, showcases a classic story about our shadow selves in this Thelma & Louise (1991) inspired music video for “Godspeed and Guns.”

In the video directed by Frankie Nasso, viewers witness scenerios that match the lyrics being sung, such as when the man in the video, “turned as white as snow,” as he’s being killed.

Christina explained about the song saying, “Shadow, in Jungian terms, represents the dark, instinctive and irrational side of the personality. It’s projections remain hidden from our conscious mind – so no matter how we try and escape becoming what we hate, the fact remains that in some sense, we already are just that, becoming more fully the shadow self by trying to escape it.”

She continued saying, “You cannot drive out darkness with darkness – and when you spend your life refusing to see, you lose the ability to see even if you wanted to, which was the ultimate fate of the old man in the song shadow, and the girl in the “Godspeed and Guns” video.”

Christina’s powerful and ecletic songs are able to reach people on a personal level because of the very real, yet seemingly unique scenarios which the characters in the songs find themselves in. According to Christina, “these are the scenarios we all experience or even dream about in one form or another, but don’t really talk about.”

You can find her full album available January 6th, 2017.

Check out Christina’s stunning 7-minute video below for “Godspeed and Guns” below. And don’t forget to watch till the very end for the special ending.

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Christina Rubino

Written by Melanie Gomez

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