DISCOVER: Genre-bending pop vocalist Lerumo

Lerumo is a Boston based pop singer/songwriter and producer who’s been creating and releasing music since 2011. Over the years, his music has been EDM/pop inspired but recently he has been focused on creating music which is perhaps a truer reflection of himself.

Introducing Twentyone Rebel, a five-track EP released at the beginning of February, which pushes Lerumo’s musical boundaries to the limit. A fusion of pop, RnB, indie rock and new urban, the singer-songwriter has thrown caution to the wind and created an EP which fully reflects the sound he wanted to create.

We were first given a taste of Lerumo’s new sound when he released ‘Mister Poison’ late last year. The slick track appears as a bonus track on Twentyone Rebel and has a cool RnB vibe to it. The track was given the music video treatment and has since impacted across the globe, charting in the top 10 of the official European independent music chart.

Of the track, Lerumo told Vents: “Mister Poison is about those you willingly let destroy you. The people you’d adore and want to be around so much, that’d you’d be willing to go through any abuse to be theirs. At a point in time, I met a girl who captured me. They say shoot your shot, and I did. She didn’t end out mine but admitted the reason being. She said “I deserved better than what she could offer.” But to me, I was willing to accept her for who she was. This is a reflection of that.”

The rest of the EP is made up of tracks which stand out individually, but are also woven together beautifully through the fusion of different experimental sounds.

‘Replaceable’ is a guitar based rock inspired track and is probably the most genre-bending track in terms of Lerumo’s usual style. On the other hand, ‘Trippin’ has an urban vibe and is influenced by pop/RnB sounds which showcase Lerumo’s vocals. ‘Little Luv’ combines rock, indie and urban sounds to create the ultimate earworm. It’s the kind of track which should be played at all the cool parties around the world. ‘Overdrive’ is urban inspired with a slick RnB vibe throughout, and acts as the perfect intro to the EP’s final offering, ‘Mister Poison’.

It’s refreshing to hear an artist push the boundaries musically and deliver something which is true to them. On paper, mixing genres such as rock and urban together shouldn’t work, but Lerumo has definitely pulled it off and created something which is irresistible. We’re excited to see how he will continue to rebel against the “norm” and look forward to more genre-bending music in the future!

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Written by Katrina Rees

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