Eli Lieb premieres video for new single 'Shangri La' 1

Eli Lieb unveils intimate video for stunning new single ‘Shangri La’

Beautiful. Evocative. Mesmerizing. Those are three words that we’d use to describe Eli Lieb’s remarkable new single ‘Shangri La’.

The handsome singer-songwriter recently unveiled the official video for his latest tune and it’s seriously nothing short of incredible.

Conveying raw emotion is something that Eli Lieb has always excelled in but he may have even outdone himself with this new release.

From start to finish, ‘Shangri La’ is a perfectly crafted musical masterpiece. The song and video elegantly showcase the vulnerability of a brokenhearted man who is coming to terms with conflicting emotions.

Sonically, Eli experiments with a brand new sound on the track. Faultless vocals full of immense passion and pain lay over a sombre instrumental arrangement. The electronic echoes heard throughout are particularly haunting.

With the help of Ike Winkler, Eli captures the intricate emotions of the song perfectly for the video. The visuals are easily his most intimate to date. Rather than being gratuitous, the nudity is done tastefully and it makes the video all the more powerful.

‘Shangri La’ is currently available here on iTunes. The song follows Eli’s other recent original releases: ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Castles’. Over the years, the much-loved singer has also uploaded tons of phenomenal covers and you can watch them here online.

We’ve said it many times before but we’ll say it again: Eli Lieb really is one of the most talented independent artists out there today. With every song, he has us caving for more.

There’s lots more original music on the way from Eli very soon and we, for one, can’t wait to hear it. You can keep him on your radar by following @EliLieb on Twitter.

What do you think of ‘Shangri La’ by Eli Lieb? Are you loving the song and official video as much as us? Make sure you let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Mark Willis

When I'm not writing articles or travelling through time and space in the Tardis, I love singing along to Avril Lavigne and other pop/rock music. I also enjoy hunting demons with Sam and Dean Winchester! Twitter: @MarkWillis1993