What is Emma Blackery’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is something used regularly in the world of YouTubers and is a way of showing the viewers what is going on in their day to day lives without having to make a vlog out of it. This means it’s quicker and more efficient for everyone. Plus, the viewer gets to see the videos almost instantly as if the user has wifi connection or signal, then they’ll go up onto their story moments after the video or picture has been taken. See if some of your favourite YouTubers have snapchat by looking through our very handy CelebMix Snapchat Bible.

One of the many YouTubers to use snapchat to their advantage is Emma Blackery. While on tour with Busted, Emma’s snapchat was bursting with life so any viewer got to see the ups and downs of tour life. Besides that, Emma also posts the odd snapchat on her story to keep us all up to date with what’s going on her in life.

What is Emma Blackery’s snapchat?

You can follow Emma Blackery on snapchat using bananasplatter

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