EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ROZES

If you’re looking for a new female vocalist to fill your heart with striking vocals and meaningful lyrics, then ROZES is the girl for you.

We introduced you to the singer-songwriter a short while ago, although it’s highly likely that you’ve already heard ROZES’ vocals before. She co-wrote and sang on The Chainsmokers’ smash hit ‘Roses’, which has been streamed over 437 million times!

However, she is a rising star in her own right, and is about to take the world by storm with her latest offering, the powerful ‘Under The Grave’.

We recently had the chance to ask ROZES about ‘Under The Grave’, what it was like to work with The Chainsmokers, and what she hopes people will take from her music. Check out the interview below!


Hi ROZES – first off, we’re so excited to get to ask you some questions today! Can you start off by telling us how your first got into music?

Hi! Thank you for having me! Music has always been a part of me, I mean my favorite movies growing up were “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.” I started learning to play music when I was about six; my parents started taking me to piano lessons, where I learned how to play all my favorite Disney musicals, which lead to me singing along to the songs I learned to play.

We are obsessed with your new single ‘Under The Grave’. It’s a slice of anthemic electro pop, but is clearly full of emotion too. What inspired you to write it?

I’m so glad you like it! I always base my songs off of real life events. I never want to make something up because I want to be honest with my listeners. I was inspired to write this because I wasn’t being the best person I could be to the people I cared about. I’ve encountered many changes in my life this year, and became oblivious and self absorbed for a moment while trying to adjust. I wanted to write an apology for not being there when they needed me; for not answering a text or a call when all they needed was a friend to talk to.

‘Under The Grave’ is a very personal song. What was it like to film the music video (recently premiered by Marie Claire)?

The music video for “Under The Grave” is very emotional. I want it to capture a different side of the song, possibly something that people didn’t experience when listening to the audio. We filmed it in different sections because the video portrays the different ways one can cope when faced with a tough situation. It was an emotional process for me, because each time, I had to relive the song and what it means to me.

You’re currently best known for your collaboration with the current kings of EDM The Chainsmokers last year. How did this come about?

Alex and Drew had heard a song I had written for Australian DJ Just A Gent, called “Limelight,” so they messaged me on Twitter. At first we tried to work through computer- they sent me some tracks they’d been working on. I personally like building a relationship with people, so I asked if we could get in the studio and write together. It lead us to writing ‘ROSES’ in Drew’s apartment in Manhattan. I think we ate Chinese food longer than it took us to actually write the song!

Did you ever expect ‘Roses’ to blow up like it did?

I don’t think any of us expected the song to become, I guess what they call, a “smash hit.” We all thought it was just a really fun, vibey tune that people would “dig” on SoundCloud. We even showed our teams, labels, etc., but no one was like “yeah, this is a ‘hit.’”

Since then, you’ve made appearances on TV shows like The Late Late Show and The Tonight Show…what does it feel like to see yourself on the TV?

I honestly think I’m still numb, like that girl up there isn’t me (though I know it is because it’s been blood, sweat, and tears to get to this point). It is amazing, though, to think that people stayed up to watch the performance like I would for my favorite artists.

Between your personal material, and collaborations with other artists, you’ve had a hand in a lot of songwriting. Do you have a favourite lyric that you’ve written?

Yikes, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say “I took you deep inside the depths of my wine soaked heart,” from my song “In n Out.” I think that is my favorite lyric because it describes everything I am as an artist: vulnerable to judgement.

Do you have a specific songwriting process, or does it vary with every song?

It always varies; however, most of my songs start at the piano with a story and a glass of wine…As if I’m sitting down to write in my journal for the day.

What do you hope people will take from your music?

I hope that by listening to my music, people understand that it’s okay to be emotional. It’s okay to feel whatever you feel, whether it’s too much, or nothing at all. I want my listeners to understand that by being honest with your emotions, you will learn to understand yourself more.

Stepping away from music for a second, we love your style, particularly the flower crowns that you’re often seen rocking. Who would you say are your style icons?

Ah, thank you! I draw a lot of inspiration from Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell.

What’s your ultimate goal as a musician?

My ultimate goal as a musician is to play to a room of 18,000 amazingly supportive fans at a venue like Madison Square Garden, and still feel personal and intimate while sharing my music and my story with them.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

More songs, more videos, and more shows! I’ve also started writing with and for other artists in the industry, so I will be doing a lot of that as well!

Thank you so much to ROZES for her time!

‘Under The Grave’ is available to stream now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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