Exclusive: ROZES discusses new music, working with Louis Tomlinson and more at Firefly Music Festival

When CelebMix last spoke with ROZES, the rising star casually revealed she had been writing with and for other artists in the industry. Now, let’s flash-forward eight months- we caught up with the 24-year-old powerhouse vocalist on the eve of her Firefly Music Festival debut in Dover, Delaware, where she chatted to us exclusively about her penning sessions with a former 1D member, as well as what’s in store for the months to come.

CelebMix: Congratulations on signing with a label after what has been quite an action-packed year been for you! How does it feel to have found a home at Photo Finish Records?

ROZES: Thank you! Honestly, it feels like a breath of fresh air has entered my lungs. Not that I felt like a lost puppy, but I kind of did. After having that song with The Chainsmokers, it felt like no one really knew what to do with me or handle what I was doing. I struggled with staying indie and wanting to sign because you know, you always hear people say “you’re a sellout, you signed with a label”- that kind of thing. But for me, I just wanted to find the right home. I was shopping around for labels for a very long time. I was feeling them rejecting me, me rejecting them. It got really rough because it was like being in a relationship, you know? Why don’t they love me? Why don’t I love them? Why can’t I love them? So, when I finally signed with this team, it just felt like “Thank God, I finally found them.”

CM: Did you feel any pressure as an artist after “Roses” blew up in the mainstream light? I imagine that must have opened doors.

ROZES: Definitely! There’s definitely a lot of pressure because I see where The Chainsmokers are now and how easy it was for them to take off after that. But, I constantly have to remind myself they had an established ground before “Roses.” They had “Selfie” out and they had their fans, they had their label- all of these things and that was only the first, maybe second song I ever released as ROZES. It was catching my team off guard too because we had this whole development plan in the works once the song hit the radio, we were like “Crap! We’re all kind of new to this, what do we do?” So yeah, first there was pressure, but in the end, I think it all worked out.

CM: Earlier this year, Louis Tomlinson shared a photo of a writing session you took part in. How was it to work with him?

ROZES: Well, I was with him because he is currently writing for his record. I really did not know what to expect to be honest because you know, I thought maybe the fame would have gotten to him. But truthfully, he is just this really humble guy. Just really down to earth. It feels exactly like hanging out with one of your guy friends. He has funny jokes, I asked about his tattoos. While writing together, I really got to learn a lot about him and what it was like to be in a successful band so young. It was awesome to see that side of it- to see that he’s still a human. Obviously, I knew he was still a human, but it’s something important for everyone else to realize. He could literally be anyone’s best friend.

CM: As a songwriter, do you pen lyrics with other artists in mind or try and channel their energy?

ROZES:I kind of just let it be. Sometimes I will sit down and have an idea for someone if my publishing company comes to me and says so and so is looking for a song. But sometimes, it’s just like, I wrote a song that doesn’t really fit the ROZES style, so I’ll let them hear it instead. Other than that, if I am specifically told to write for someone, I will try and really dig into their life, I will creep through their Twitter and social media. I try to figure out what they are going through because I don’t want them to feel like they are reading my diary, I want them to feel like they are reading their own.

CM: Is writing for others something in which you always imagined yourself doing?

ROZES: It kind of just happened. Obviously, my top goal is to be an artist, but I noticed a lot of the top artists are out there writing for other people. For example, Sia, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift- all these people have this gift that they are sharing. I’m sure they didn’t imagine themselves this way, so I’m kind of just riding the wave wherever it takes me.

CM: As we previously touched on above, you have had great success with previous collaborations – from The Chainsmokers to Cash Cash. Who is your dream artist you would like to join forces with?

ROZES: Lately, I have been saying artists like Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd or Khalid. I would really love to be able to break into the R&B-meets-pop scene and do a rap collaboration!

CM: Your next single “Canyons,” is set for release next month. Can you tell us anything about the track or the inspiration behind it?

ROZES: Of course! I’m very excited for “Canyons.” The song is about being in a disagreement with someone you care about and even though what you are going through is heartbreaking and the other person doesn’t feel the same way you may feel, it doesn’t mean you are not compatible or that you don’t love each other.

CM: Also happening next month, you will open for AJR during select cities on their tour and have a few headlining dates scheduled yourself. What is your favorite part about being on the road and sharing the stage with other artists?

ROZES: I think the best thing for me when it comes to being out on the road is the learning process through it all. I mean, I get to take notes from other people’s shows and I also get to learn from their fans and how they react. I get to meet new people too and it’s all so fun. I even get close with my own band, and that to me is worth it all.

ROZES just announced she will be extending her tour time, as she is slated to hit the road with former Nickelodeon star MAX beginning early fall. The second installment of his Meteor  tour kicks off October 5 in Vancouver.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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