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Fans Surprise Troye Sivan at Boston Concert

Last night, Troye Sivan performed in Boston on his Suburbia Tour. It was his very first headlining arena show in the U.S, and the night got pretty wild. One of the highlights of the evening was the fan project that took place.

During Troye’s performance of Heaven, the crowd held up coloured pieces of paper in front of their phone lights. In the back of the arena, each section was given different colour of the rainbow. On the floor, there was an assortment of coloured hearts. So, from Troye’s point of view onstage, the arena looked like a lit-up, moving pride flag.

Heaven is a song about Troye’s personal struggle with the concept of heaven while he was accepting his identity as gay. The song features the thought-provoking lyrics “If I’m losing a piece of me, maybe I don’t want heaven.” The song has resonated well with the LGBTQ+ community, as many can strongly relate to the lyrics.

The project was organized by Twitter user @countingtosivan, with the help of many others listed here. It took a great deal of effort to distribute all of the paper hearts and to spread the word to as many people as possible. Fan projects are organized at many concerts, but few manage to be as successful as this one on such a large scale! Troye posted about the fan project on Instagram, and said: “In these dark times you guys inspire me and make me feel PROUDER than EVER.”

Also in Boston last night, Troye got everyone onstage and in the crowd to participate in the Mannequin Challenge. This is a popular challenge right now that involves striking a pose and staying frozen in place. Here is result of the challenge from last night:

Needless to say, all of these events and an amazing crowd made it a very special night for Troye. The rest of the stops on the Suburbia Tour are going to have a difficult time topping the audience in Boston!

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Photo Credit: @Advil

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.