#HAM4BEY : The Perfect Hamilton and Beyonce Mash-Up

This mash-up is insane and you need to hear it NOW.

Hamilton is one of the best musicals to come off of Broadway. Beyonce has always been amazing. So we’re pretty sure this mash-up should be illegal.

This mash-up — which was released Tuesday, Nov. 22  — has managed to gain over 240,000 views in the span of 7 days. And with good reason! The video — which features India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee, and Jamond McCoy — is so beautifully performed, that some of these vocal transitions have managed to bring tears to our eyes.

In order to understand what we’re talking about, watch it.

Let us discuss this now.

The song has a little bit of everything for everyone. The craziest transitions include:

Guns and Ship with Formation — who thought of this genius, honestly?

Countdown with Helpless — need we say more?

You’ll Be Back with Holdup WITH IRREPLACEABLE


#HAM4BEY : The Perfect Hamilton and Beyonce Mash-Up 1

This masterpiece of a mash-up is definitely worth watching and we totally haven’t had it on repeat for the past three hours…

And who’s to thank for this wonderful, magnificent piece? Well, you can definitely thank Michael Korte (@MichaelKorteDuh) for it. Guys — just listen to the way these songs blend so wonderfully into each other. How are we meant to go on?! And remembering that the Hamilton cast and Beyonce are definitely talented, we can’t really blame Korte for slaying us all.

#HAM4BEY : The Perfect Hamilton and Beyonce Mash-Up 2

Love the mash-up? Let us know what transition is your favorite by tweeting us over @CelebMix. And make sure to send some love over to Michael Korte for the genius he is.

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