James Corden is “All about that bass” in new video!

UK born comedian, and host of The Late Late Show in the US, James Corden has remade and released the video to an all new version of Meghan Trainors world wide smash hit “All About That Bass”.

Corden performed the song, renamed “All About That Change”, with the original singer Meghan Trainor on his show and later shared the video online. The hilarious new version is all about New Years resolutions…those changes we say we’re going to make every year, but most of us give up on after a week or two.

With lyrics referencing some of the New Years resolutions we never keep like cutting down on alcohol assumption, going the gym…all that stuff we promise we’ll do on December 31st but forget about after a week…Corden shows he certainly knows the struggles we all face all through January!

Meghan was wearing her famous blue denim shirt and dress combo, had her hair styled the exact same way she did in the video and, even funnier, James was wearing almost the exact same thing. He even wore a blonde wig styled the same as hers…and we can’t quite believe how good he looked in it!

This isn’t the first time James Corden has shown off his singing skills, though; he recently recorded a duet of the song “Only You” with none other than Kylie Minogue for her Christmas album, and wowed us all with that high note in Best Song Ever during One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke! You know the note…the one that had the boys pulling these faces…

Between the lyrics, the outfits and the choreography, James’s “All About That Change” video kept us laughing for ages, and is definitely worth a watch!

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Written by CelebMix