JCharlesBeauty is Announced as First Ever Male CoverGirl

The world of makeup and beauty has been crazy hot over this past year. Makeup artists are unleashing their creativity and it’s not only women who are showing off their skills, men are too! The rise of male makeup artists has taken over social media but one particular male “MUA” has made history.

Meet James Charles, aka JCharlesBeauty, a 17-year old makeup artist, YouTuber, and now CoverGirl’s first ever male CoverGirl!

James launched his beauty accounts about a year ago and has already racked up a huge following of over 435K on Instagram, over 58K on Twitter, and over 71K subscribers on YouTube. It is easy to see why so many adore him due to his creativity, uniqueness, talent, and bubbly personality. Those are all traits that make the perfect CoverGirl!

The teen’s partnership with the brand kicks off today but his ads debuting CoverGirl’s new  So Lashy! by blastPRO Mascara will launch later this month.

This is a huge milestone for not only the beauty community, but for the LGBTQ+ community, and humanity as a whole. Representation is key to opening so many doors and encouraging others to not be afraid to be themselves. The fact that a boy in makeup is now the face of such a mainstream brand and will be seen in many ads is a huge leap for humanity in fighting to break boundaries and gender norms. We are so happy for JCharlesBeauty and have gained a huge respect towards CoverGirl for doing this, especially on #NationalComingOutDay.

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Written by CelebMix