Jon Favreau Set To Direct Live Action Lion King Remake

After finding both critical and commercial success for his Live Action Adaptation of Disney’s original classic animation centred around the world of wild animals when he released The Jungle Book earlier this year, Jon Favreau has today been announced as the director brave enough to take the helm of Disney’s upcoming live action adaptation of The Lion King.

The film, which has yet to find a cast, does not yet have a release date, but given the fact production on such a CGI heavy product could take years to master, we imagine this one will be a long time coming, especially considering that Favreau will also helm the already confirmed sequel to The Jungle Book, though that has yet to be given a release date either.

A Live Action remake of one of their Classic Animated Tales is not a first for Disney, who have so far given us new versions of Snow White and Cinderella, with a version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle set for release next year.

Favreau has clearly found favour with the big bosses over at Disney, having also directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, two key films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The original animated The Lion King is much beloved and was a big success on release, grossing a world wide total of almost 1 billion dollars in a time when films just didn’t gross a billion!

We’ve got very, very high expectations for this one.

Written by CelebMix