The Jonas Brothers Are Heading To The Food Network For A TV Special

Kevin Jonas is making moves in the technology space as well as being a Dad to his two daughters, Joe Jonas is slaying the music industry with his band DNCE, and Nick Jonas is stealing hearts all over the world with his endeavours in music, movies, and have you seen his recent Men’s Fitness shoot? It’s fair to say that the brothers have been keeping busy since their split in 2013 but now they are coming together to feature in a one-off television special about the opening of their family restaurant Nellie’s Southern Kitchen in Belmont, North Carolina.

Nick himself is no stranger to television with his recent role on Scream Queens and his current role in Kingdom, but he is stepping into new territory with his family in the half-hour special which will air on the Food Network called, “Jonas Restaurant: Family Style”. We’re already counting down the days until it starts because what could be better than food and the Jonas brothers? It sounds like a winning combination to us!

The special will take its viewers behind the scenes at the opening of the Southern-style restaurant which boasts delicious home-cooked food in a fun and friendly environment.

The Food Network and Cooking Channel’s own Didi O’Hearn recently issued a statement about the special, saying, “For years the Jonas family has entertained audiences with their music and now we are thrilled to showcase their passion for entertaining with food.”

“With seven days to complete construction, hire and train the staff, and test the recipes before the doors open, the family must come together to get everything done in time. It’s all hands on deck as Kevin Jonas lends a hand with the construction, Joe Jonas shares some useful tips with his father about opening a restaurant in a competitive industry, and Nick and Frankie Jonas test the dishes.”

It appears that each Jonas is playing to their talents in the special as Kevin now owns a construction company, Joe opened a restaurant in Los Angeles in 2015 called Hinterland, and who wouldn’t want to sit back and taste test food all day long?

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, which is dedicated to the brothers’ great-Grandmother Nellie, pays tributes to the Jonas family’s Southern roots through home-made recipes such as Nellie’s signature chicken and the Jonas brothers’ favourite sweet potato casserole.

You will also be able to spot Joe’s band DNCE in the special as he recruited them to help in the opening of the restaurant, which also doubles up as a live music venue, on 7th June.

The Jonas brothers regularly visit their parents and family members at the restaurant, as if we needed any more reasons to book a table at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen!

“Jonas Restaurant: Family Style,” airs on the Food Network on 26th December at 7pm ET.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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