Liam Payne sends Sweet E-Mail to his Fans Thanking them for Support

If you signed up to Liam Payne’s e-mail subscription, your inbox got a special treat yesterday as he sent out an email with the subject line ‘Hello, it’s been a while’. We opened the message quickly, as we’re sure all of you did, and were so excited to see that Liam is getting close to releasing his new music and that he’s very thankful that his fans have been so patient.

In addition to the sweet message, he posted an exclusive photo for his fans of what looks to be a striking photoshoot that we are hoping we see more photos from soon! He also posted a few snapshots of some selfies he recently took with fans in London.

Liam’s passion for producing music he loves and that means something to him makes Liam who he is, and while fans have been growing anxious, it’s nice to see that he’s proud of what he’s writing. It’s going to be a reflection of who he is.

Here’s part of the e-mail from Liam.

Hey everyone,

I don’t often get a chance to sit down and really take in all my fans messages and then message you back all as one. So firstly, thank you for signing up! I try to get involved as much as possible on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by replying back to you when I can. I really do appreciate all the support as it means so much to me.

I’ve now finally set up my Snapchat for those of you that didn’t know it’s – @liampayne. I’ll be posting more behind the scenes stuff and just general things I’m up to.

I know you’ve all been waiting a while for my music to come out now. But I really mean it when I say the music is coming soon! As well as new shots and videos! I hope you like it! 

We can’t wait to see if soon truly means soon and if so…how soon. Liam is in Chicago for a radio interview that some lucky fans will get to be part of, with that promo and the photoshoot and videos he says are on their way, we have a feeling that our wait is finally over.

It’s a great time to be a fan of Liam Payne, as well as the rest of the One Direction boys. Watching them embrace their solo music and grow as individuals is so rewarding. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Liam.



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.