Love Island proves a hit as ITV2 score record ratings

ITV2’s date-a-thon draws mega numbers as twists galore hit the love-hunters.

Love Island, ITV2’s glam holiday dating experiment, has shored up its audience – helping ITV2’s ratings hit some dizzy heights.

The show, which sees young hotties pair up and fall in love, has delivered a barrage of twists this year – from new contestants to secret villas, it seems to have taken reality superfans by storm.

Sunday’s edition entertained 2.09 million viewers – 10 percent of the UK’s entire TV audience – including 1.2 million lucrative 16-34-year-olds That’s even higher than the likes of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, which usually attracts around 1 million fans in the same demo.

Tuesday’s edition delivered a similar number of 2.04 million – a meteoric rise from the 520,000 that watched the first ever series in 2015.

By contrast, long-running row-a-thon Big Brother has hovered around 800,000 viewers this week – virtually even with Love Island’s spin-off show Aftersun, which attracted 870,000 viewers on Sunday.

If these shake-ups weren’t enough, two new guys, Jamie Jewitt and Theo Campbell, have just moved in – will they fracture any of the villa’s closer relationships?

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2.

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Written by DanRybacki

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