Make or Break?

New Reality Love Series

Still a little heart broken that Love Island is over? Channel 5 are bringing us Make or Break, the new reality love series!

The show will air every evening for two weeks. Consisting of eight couples and based in a luxury Mexico resort, they attempt to make their dysfunctional relationships work.

New reality love series: Make or Break

As soon as the couples arrive ready for sun, sea and separation, they will instantly be put ‘on a break’. Every 24 hours, members of each couple are paired up with other contestants, as they work through activities, workshops and challenges throughout their stay in the sunny destination.

So be prepared for romance and plenty of drama!

Make or Break starts on Monday 7th August at 10pm on Channel 5

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Written by Poppy Buckley

23 year old Media (Film) Production graduate with a First Class BA Hons. Tweet me at @PoppyBuckley