Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger Visit Winter Wonderland

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger decided to treat her last boy Matt Terry with a night out at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

The two were seen filming, for the show presumably, while having a nice night out. Getting in the festive mood for Saturday Night’s Christmas theme, Terry and Scherzinger enjoyed the rides and an arm-in-arm stroll through the park.

Number One Mentor ??

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The two singers have gotten close while on the show. “We’ve definitely got a lot closer over the past few weeks. I find it really easy to talk to her now and she’s always there whenever I need her,” Terry told OK! Magazine. “She’s always asking me if I have any needs or worries, she genuinely wants to help us.”

Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger Visit Winter Wonderland 1

During Sunday night’s results show, it was revealed that Matt Terry was in the top four and therefore through to the semi-final. This week’s theme will be Christmas and we cannot wait to feel the holiday spirit.

Are you excited for the semi-final? Let us know, @CelebMix.

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