New “Beauty and The Beast” Trailer Features Emma Watson’s Singing Voice

The Golden Globe TV Spot featured a clip of Emma Watson singing in a new Beauty and The Beast trailer.

Disney premiered a brand new trailer at this year’s Golden Globes award for the long awaited live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. There have been many clips already released – such as the “New Years 2017” trailer with Emma Watson and Dan Steven currently making its rounds through Disney Channel – but this TV spot definitely stirred up some buzz over Emma’s singing voice.

Fans are stoked to hear Emma Watson make her singing debut. The clip includes Emma singing “Belle (Reprise)” as featured in the original animated film. Everyone is very impressed with her singing chops.

The new movie poster was also released today:

Now, watch the new trailer below and be sure to tweet @CelebMix how you feel about Beauty and The Beast live action!

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Written by Laura Huynh

Current Los-Angeles-born student at UC Berkeley studying media and film. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Follow me on twitter and IG: @lourxh!