Nicki Minaj Officially Crowned Best Selling Female Rapper Of All Time

Many people may not be aware of Nicki Minaj and her never ending list of achievements over the last few years, but it has all paid off for this hard working lady.

She now holds the title of being the best selling female rapper of all time. We have many other great rappers as well such as Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, etc., but Minaj has risen to the very top – being the best selling of them ALL.

Taking into consideration all of her album sales as well as all her singles (and featured singles), most notably her 8x platinum ‘Super Bass‘ and 6x Platinum ‘Starships‘, her sales have crossed over the 50 million range.

We applaud Minaj’s all-rounded artistry and for delving into other genres of music such as electronica, trip-hop, and euro-pop. She may be a rapper first but her respect, fast wit, self-written lyricism, and great acceptance of pop music in her discography, gives her more credibility than ever.

With only 3 studio albums out, we’re excited for Nicki’s next musical step! We’re betting that her sales will eventually pan out into the 100 million range by the end of the decade. Only time will tell, but we’re positive her legacy will continue on for years to come.

As a female in the music industry you have to have your guard up and understand that criticism is a common thing. Negative or positive, the best an artist can do is keep on trucking forward to bigger and better things.Nicki Minaj Officially Crowned Best Selling Female Rapper Of All Time 1

Congratulations and best wishes to Nicki Minaj on a successful 2016 year!

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Written by Dannii C.

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