Producer John Feldmann Gets in the Holiday Spirit

We’re still certain our invitation got lost in the mail!

John Feldmann and Travis Barker

While the final countdown to the holidays is just a week away, festive parties are in full swing.  John Feldmann, producer and frontman of the band, Goldfinger, threw a Christmas party over the weekend.

John is a musician and producer known for producing for artists such as Blink-182, Good Charlotte, and 5 Seconds of Summer.  His backyard was transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with sledding, of course.


Turned my backyard into a winter wonderland tonight ?????

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The Xmas crew. @travisbarker @rivers_cuomo @debbyryan @joshuadun ?????

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Not to name drop or anything, but John had quite the band at his party.  Travis Barker, Calum Hood, and Dave Kushner helped him celebrate.

Best Xmas ever. @travisbarker @calumhood @davekushner ???

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@goldfingermusic 4.0

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Earlier this week, John stopped by his daughter’s classroom to sing some Christmas songs.


@milla_hip is a superhuman. Also I have no idea what Santa's reindeers are named.

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While Los Angeles doesn’t usually see snow for the holidays, we’re happy John was able to bring his winter wonderland party to life.  With just a week to go, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more photos from upcoming holiday parties!


What do you think of John Feldmann’s holiday party?  What are some of your favorite things to do during the holidays?  Let us know @CelebMix on Twitter!

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