Rupert Grint Stars In New Series, ‘Snatch’

You in or you out?

Rupert Grint, starring in 'Snatch.'

While many know him as the lovable Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint will be starring in the upcoming comedy-crime series, Snatch.  He will be starring alongside Tamer Hassan, Juliet Aubrey, Luke Pasqualino, and Ed Westwick, who many will know as bad boy Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

Based on the movie with the same title which came out in 2000, Snatch will include new characters.  The series is about a group of young up and coming hustlers who happen to stumble upon a truck of gold bullion.  They quickly fall into the world of organized crime and everyone from mobsters to local villains of London rapidly ensue.




Watch Rupert Grint in Snatch on Crackle, streaming March 16!





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