Shane Dawson Releases Short Film “The Lottery”

After months of sneak peaks on his social media, Shane Dawson’s short film for “The Lottery” is finally here!

The film is based off of a chapter of the same name from his book It Gets Worse. The chapter tells a time from his childhood when Shane and his mother believed they would win the lottery. In a Snapchat, he said, “It’s really different from anything that I have ever made.”

Watch “The Lottery” right here!

Shane first announced that he would be working on a new short film back in August. Then in October, he shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures with the actors that would be portraying himself and his mother.

#tbt in real life! shooting a short film based on my childhood! Here's my mom and me as an 11 year old! :,)

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Here are some reactions from fans about “The Lottery.”

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