Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson Teases “IT GETS WORSE” Short Film

Youtuber Shane Dawson took to Twitter to tease fans about the release of his new short film. The film, “IT GETS WORSE” has the same name as Shane’s new book. Both will be released on Shane’s birthday, July 19.

Shane promised fans that he will post sneak peaks of the film on his Snapchat, “lolshanedawson.” The clips reveal that other Youtubers, such as Lisa Schwartz and Joey Graceffa, are in the film. In one of the clips, Shane is seen on the ground with blood on his mouth saying, “I did a collab video with Catrific! That’s literally charity work!”

Shane also tweeted a picture of a scene that includes himself and Lisa. The picture shows Shane with blood on his shirt.

Shane’s new film looks to be a horror/comedy. From the terrifying music, to Shane’s comical remarks, “IT GETS WORSE” is sure to be a fun film!

Check out Shane’s tweets below!

Watch: Shane’s Snapchat Videos of  “IT GETS WORSE”


Find out more information about Shane’s new book here!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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