Simone Billes Shows Us How To Get Your Celeb Crush’s Attention

If you’ve been following the USA Women’s gymnastics team through their journey in Rio, chances are you already know who Simone Billes is.

Simone Billes Shows Us How To Get Your Celeb Crush's Attention 1

The 19 year old from Columbus, Ohio has been helping lead the USA ladies to victory this year, and she nagged herself a pretty big win after her killer floor routine this past week. But all the fame, glory, and gold medals she’s gotten herself don’t stop her from being a totally normal teenager. And part of being a normal teenager that many of us can completely relate to? Being undeniably in love with Zac Efron.

The first evidence of her crush on Zac came from a 3 year old tweet that was dug up from long before her Olympian days.

It wasn’t long before word of her rumored crush started to get out – and the media had a field day with it.

Ellen Degeneres presented Simone with a leotard, completely covered with photos of Zac’s face.

Simone Billes Shows Us How To Get Your Celeb Crush's Attention 3

And when NBC Nightly News visited Simone’s home last week, she unveiled one of her most prized posessions. A cardboard cutout of Zac himself, which she admitted to occasionally kissing on the cheek.

Simone Billes Shows Us How To Get Your Celeb Crush's Attention 4

Hey, we’ve all been there.

But unlike Simone, we aren’t Olympic athletes, and our nights spent alone in our room fawning over videos of Harry Styles and Justin Bieber go unnoticed. When you’re one of the most talked about athletes at the Olympic games, though, it’s a different story.

Zac’s first interraction with Simone was last month, when he wished her luck at the games. And Simone’s response was both adorable and relatable.

A month later, though, Simone seems to have taken the fangirling down a notch, with a much more calm, cool, and collected response to his congratulatory tweet to her.

And the next day he responded back to her, photo and winky face emoji included.

We’ve got to say, we’re pretty jealous of the Twitter action Simone’s been getting from Zac lately, but it’s awesome to see the support Zac’s been showing her and the rest of the ladies!

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Written by CelebMix